Heartache Redeemed

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This was written last week, after news of good numbers.  Since I wrote this and have waited permission to post it, Christine received another set of great numbers and saw a beautiful heartbeat this afternoon.  You can see her announcement here…

I’d briefly mentioned that circumstances had forced Jon and I to take a second look at this unexpected surprise, and see it for the blessing that it is.  Unfortunately, it was a lesson learned at the expense of my sister’s heartache and we all mourned with her as Christine and Caleb experienced their second miscarriage in less than three years.  She and Caleb have been trying for about six months now to conceive a sibling for Elliana, another child for their family and we were ecstatic when they announced their pregnancy in June.  It was not meant to be and in watching Christine grapple with her loss, it forced us to drop to our knees in thanks for a healthy pregnancy and child.  No longer was this baby taken for granted, perhaps considered an inconvenience to our plans, but truly treasured and cherished.  I only wish it hadn’t been a loss on Christine’s behalf to discover it.

When it became apparent that Christine was miscarrying, the doctor was firm that Christine and Caleb take a month off from trying.  Both to let her body heal and to allow Christine and Caleb to process their loss, and focus on each other, not on the goal of getting pregnant.  And during this last month, that’s exactly what they did.

I’ve mentioned before that Christine has Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and this condition does not allow her body to ovulate on her own.  I can remember from high school on, she simply did not have any cycles without the help of birth control pills.  She even took a break from those pills during her early 20s to see if anything had changed; two years later and not one cycle to show for it, we finally convinced her to go back on the pill and get to the doctor.  It was at that time she was diagnosed with PCOS, she and Caleb were not yet engaged when she got that diagnosis.  They knew the road they’d face when it came time to conceive a child.  And oh, a road it has been, with more valleys than hills, more trials than jubilations, but they’ve traveled it together, steadfast and strong in their faith in God and in each other.

As the month of putting their journey on hold came to an end, Christine took prometrium, a hormone that pushes her into a cycle so they could start a new cycle and then the clomid that helps her ovulate.  The first day after she finished her last dose came and went with no cycle in sight.  The 2nd day passed, and then the 3rd day passed, still with no cycle in sight and a very frustrated woman wondering how else her body had failed her.  It was on that 3rd day that a friend wondered aloud if she could be pregnant already and Christine allowed the niggling thought to remain in the back of her mind.  On the 4th day, Christine took a test and was shocked as the dark, pink line appeared.  A line that was already darker, more pronounced, than any of the tests she’d taken the month before. 

And with fear in her voice, we all received the news early in the morning that without trying, without the help of clomid, she and Caleb had conceived for a fourth time.  It was shocking to us all, to say the least.  Christine does not ovulate on her own; it just doesn’t happen.  We all waited with bated breath for the first results of her blood test, a test measuring the hcg (a pregnancy hormone) in her blood, and a sigh of relief when it was already a higher number than last month’s initial test.  We have walked on egg shells and tip toes throughout the weekend, willing Monday to get here faster so Christine could take a second test, the more telling test of the viability of this pregnancy.  It was a nail-biting afternoon, wondering if the doctor had forgotten to call, if God would allow Christine and Caleb to keep this baby, wondering if it was good news or bad.  We whooped and cried when the test showed the numbers and the hcg doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing.  Its looks as though Christine and Caleb will be welcoming another child into their home some time in the spring.

It has been an honor to walk this journey with them!  To see how God answers prayers in the most amazing way, to see God show His glory in ways unimaginable.  If this story doesn’t prove that God is bigger than medicine, that He is bigger than our plans and circumstances, I don’t know what does.  When Christine and Caleb least thought it possible, He stepped into the void and answered their prayers in a way they never imagined. 

Please join me in thanksgiving and giving glory to God, for He alone could have come up with a story like this.  And help me to cover Christine and Caleb in prayer in the weeks and months ahead, its a scary journey when they’ve experienced losses like theirs. We ask for your prayers for the health of Christine and Baby, for a safe and healthy pregnancy.  Its going to be an exciting journey, watching their heartache being redeemed!

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Gosh this made me tear up!!! What an amazing story! I will definitely be praying!

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YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes and TOTAL joy in my heart!! I'm so glad the numbers looked good!! Tell her she, Caleb, and this little one are still in our prayers!!:)

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I am crying reading this. You have such a gift with words, Jenn. You really do. Crying also for Christine and Caleb's journey....and the INCREDIBLE answer to prayer with this pregnancy!!! Even without the meds,she is pregnant. As you wrote, God is bigger than medicine!! We will all keep both of your pregnancies in our prayers.
Love, Mom

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I have no idea why I was reading so far back in your blog and came across this story, but I am so thankful I did. My husband and I found out we were expecting our second child in late Oct, just a month after we stopped all treatments for my PCOS. We have lost five pregnancies.
So far this unexpected blessing is doing well, and while I worry about this baby continuing to be healthy, I keep reminding myself that God is bigger than medicine.
Thanks for the gentle reminder..and my best wishes for your sister's pregnancy!