Who is this?!

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Whether out of necessity, desire, or both, I'm not sure. But I find that I'm not really sure who this new woman is... this menu-planning, bread-making, grocery-list-shopping (yes, I went grocery shopping with a list for the first time in my married life), domesticated woman. Anyone that has read this blog for any amount of time, or anyone that knows me personally, knows that this woman...is...not...me! And while some may take this as bragging, well, heck, yes, I am, in a sense, bragging because I'm not sure how long this woman will stick around.

And now to leave you with another photo, one of the newest little munchkin that has me wrapped around her little finger. Isn't she delicious?!

Anything Worth Having

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"For anything worth having, one must pay the price; and the price is always work, patience, love, self-sacrifice…" ~John Burroughs

Jon and I constantly find ourselves in awe of how fast we grew from a couple to a family of five. We never imagined that we’d have three children ages four and under, but here we are. I laugh when I think that I birthed a child in 2007 and 2008 because that was never MY plan, but obviously (and thankfully) God had other plans for our family.

This is hard work, I won’t lie. We’re dealing with the needs and demands of an infant; the temper-tantrums of a two-year-old; and the desires of a four-year-old longing to be independent and on her own. There are moments when I’m at my wits end, when I want to escape to my bedroom just so I can scream or kick something in my frustration. Its hard being pulled into three different directions. How to explain to a two-year-old, who wants to play baseball, that Mama is nursing and can’t at the moment? What to do when the preschooler needs help wiping, the toddler needs to be put down for a nap, the newborn is crying, needing to be fed, and the kitchen is screaming to be cleaned?

It’s in these moments that I’m convinced God made the wrong choice, that there is no way I can possibly get everything done. It’s in these moments that my sisters look at the chaos and vow that they’ll never have their children so close together. And while there are times I agree with them, I can’t help but know that this is just a phase and one day, I’ll long for these days again.

Yes, the work is hard; yes, there are times when I feel lost in translation; and yes, moments when coupledom seems like light-years ago. But how to find the words to explain to everyone the absolute joy that fills my heart? That the moments when Hudson comes over for a snuggle, it makes my heart so full. That when Devyn brushes my hair and tells me that I’m going to be beautiful, it makes me stop for a moment and feel rested. That when Reagan coos and smiles at me while breast-feeding, that it’s yet another memory to lock away. And that when I see the three of them playing on the floor, I know all the hard work is all worth it. "For anything worth having, one must pay the price…"

Someday I will blink and I’ll be facing three grown adults, who are hopefully the best of friends. I will look back on the days of constant demands, little sleep, and breaking up fights, with nostalgia and longing for these days to return.

May All Your Dreams Come True

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There Once Was a Boy

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Hudson with his two dozon balloons. (Yes, Mommy went more than a little crazy!)

Hudson opening up the first presents. Devyn and my cousin's son, Noah, had to help unwrap the rest when Hudson was too interested in playing with balls to finish.

Hudson stealing a bite of frosting. I loved how these cakes turned out, and no, I did not make them myself.

Happy Birthday to the Little Man that has stolen my heart!

Tidbits and Stories

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Oh goodness, and the laughter just keeps on keeping on...

I had bought a Valentine's card for Jon from the kids, involving the infamous Charles Schulz character, Snoopy. I brought out the crayons and markers, and encouraged them to color the Valentine's card for Daddy. Everything was shaping out as I thought it would when out of nowhere Devyn said, "I'm giving Snoopy a p*nis, just like Daddy has one."

And before I could react, there it was drawn, right between Snoopy's legs. I managed to muffle my laughter long enough until I could get into the other room.

Oh my word, Hudson cracks me up! Just this moment he brought me a soccer ball... well, let me back up.

On the Wii Fit system, there is a balancing game involving soccer balls being thrown at you, along with shoes and Panda heads, and you have to head the soccer balls while avoiding the other things, and balancing on your feet.

So, Hudson brings me a soccer ball and made me throw the ball at his head... over and over again! Man, that boy is smart!

Hudson, not Devyn, is the one carrying around a baby doll and nursing and burping it. Not as gently as a girl would, but he's being as nurturing as a boy can be!

"Mama," Devyn looks at me imploringly, "I not need a nap, I'm not grouchy. Hudson is."

And I think it may be safe to announce that Miss Paige is finally sleeping in her own bed, through the night! All it took was four years and a lecture from Dr. Susie.

Seriously, if I'd known that all Devyn needed was a talking-to from Dr. Susie, that discussion would have taken place two and a half years ago!!

Two Week Hiatus

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I’m writing this from the comfort of my couch. Devyn and Hudson are napping, HGTV is on the television, and Reagan is sleeping in my lap. Once again, the blog has been quiet for the past couple of weeks, so let me catch you all up.

Jon was gone last week for training, and I was left home alone with the three kids for the first time. So what’s a girl to do?! I packed us all up and moved in with my parents and sister for the week. Yes, I know, some may see it as silly and others may consider me lucky. I’m part of the second group. It was wonderful having some extra hands, especially when Devyn woke us all up at 4:00am one morning. And quite frankly, I love that my kids got such great quality time with Nana, Papa, and Aunt Alli. However, as the week drew to a close, I was so excited and happy to have Jon back home and our family under one roof again.

Speaking of my mom, its been quite some time since I’ve updated the world wide web on her illness. She is doing amazing! Ever since she was discharged from the hospital, she has improved by leaps and bounds. She is walking around, only using the walker or cane when her legs are tired, and even going up and down stairs, as long as someone is behind her. She was released from Occupational Therapy last week and now is only doing Physical Therapy twice a week. The other thing that has been amazing to witness, is watching how her family and friends have really come together. My Aunt Debbie put together a calendar and family and friends have shown up every night with a meal for my parents for almost six weeks now! Not to mention how family came together to purchase a Wii and a Wii fit for my mom’s recovery. Thank you to everyone who has pitched in!

The kids, wow, the kids are amazing. We’re definitely dealing with some adjustment issues, and we’re just beginning to see how deep the stubborn streak in Hudson really goes. But as long as we’re consistent with rules, discipline, and love, everything seems to be falling into place.

Devyn has her four-year-old check-up last week, only three months late, and we discovered that she’s now in the 50th percentile for both weight and height. We’re not surprised; we’re constantly in awe at how much she’s changed in the past few months. Her legs simply go on forever!! Her doctor is immensely pleased with the progress she’s made with her speech, its even gotten to the point where we wonder if she’ll ever stop talking! I promise, it’s not something that we take for granted. The speech therapy/preschool class has done wonders for her and she reciting nursery rhymes, the alphabet, songs, and counting all the time now.

Hudson, oh, sweet, stubborn, lovable, mischievous, handsome Hudson. My little man turned two years old yesterday and, again, amazed that time has flown so fast. We had a wonderful celebration with family and friends, although Hudson was less than cooperative during the gift-opening time. Once he opened the bowling set, all other gifts ceased to exist. My thanks to everyone for understanding the temperament of our two-year-old. The only thing I can say about Hudson is that he is the epitome of boy… all boy! He loves everything, and anything, relating to sports and balls. And I believe, although I am the mama so take it with a grain of salt, that he has some natural sport talent there. I don’t know many two-year-olds who can pitch a baseball with such accuracy.

And Reagan…my, I can’t believe she is already seven weeks old already. She is growing… and growing… and growing. She is by far our most chunky baby and I’m loving every roll on her legs and neck. She is still sleeping most of the time, but has recently started smiling at us. It never ceases to amaze me how much those first smiles touch my heart. I am finally ready to admit that Miss Reagan definitely takes after my side of the family, a first for us, and it makes me smile. Reagan is coos and smiles, sleepy stretches, milk-induced stupors, kissable cheeks, and snuggles. We are enjoying her so much.

I think that covers everyone and catches you up with us. I have a couple of posts brewing in my head and I’ll be back later this week, along with pictures of the birthday boy, the baby, and even Miss Devyn. I have some hilarious stories to share, so check back later.

Long-Awaited Pictures

Tuesday, February 03, 2009 11 Comments A+ a-

Here they are, the long-awaited pictures I promised you last week. Have I mentioned how lucky and blessed I feel?! I am a lucky, lucky woman to call these beauties, and one handsome, mine!