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Happy Halloween!
(Thanks for the cartoon, Melissa. It made me laugh!)

Choosing Speech Therapy

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I’ve gotten a number of emails and questions regarding Devyn and her need for speech therapy. Instead of trying to address each one individually, I thought I’d write it here for posterity’s sake. Please know that with any development delays with your child, I understand there’s a fine line between worrying overly much and not wanting to bury your head in the sand. I wish I could say that I never had a problem walking that line, but I often wavered between the two extremes.

I believe I began to notice that Devyn was behind in her vocabulary when we started hanging out with friends her own age. At about 18 months old, both Emma and Kaydance were talking in sentences and saying words that Devyn hadn’t even attempted yet. I would watch as they repeated words and phrases after their mothers, and it was then that the first alarm sounded.

I talked to Jon and we worked more diligently with Devyn to repeat words after us and she just wasn’t interested. About this time, my sister, Courtney, was taking a child psychology class in college and she and the rest of my family had also started to notice that Devyn didn’t seem interested in learning how to talk. Every time it was brought up to me, by a family member or friend, or every time that I made excuses for Devyn’s speech, I felt my eyes tear up.

Jon and I decided to bring it up at Devyn’s two-year-old well-child check-up and Dr. Susie was quick to point out that every child develops at their own pace. Dr. Susie expressed little concern and told us that we’d examine it again at Devyn’s three-year-old check-up.

Over the next year, we became more and more certain that Devyn’s speech was not progressing to that of a two- almost-three-year-old. She was able to say words that would help her communicate, but rarely did she offer more than that. It got to the point where Devyn had to say very little because one of us could always either anticipate her needs or understand what it was she was saying. We were still either explaining or interpreting Devyn’s speech for extended family members and friends.

At her three-year-old well-child check-up, Dr. Susie confirmed that Devyn needed additional testing and you can pick up the rest of the story here.

My heart goes out to any mother/father who looks at their child and plays the wondering game. It’s hard to admit that we wonder if our child may be less than perfect, and I know that it’s often easier to pretend that nothing is going on either. My only advice is this; remember that a) every child does develop at his or her own pace, it does no good to compare, and b) go with your gut, If you feel there may be problem or reason for concern, consult with your doctor. And even then, know that you are the parent and you have every right to demand answers.

I am constantly awed at Devyn’s progress in less than a year. She has made tremendous strides and our conversations are oh, so sweet now. Of course, we still have some speech-sound issues but I’m confident that with Devyn’s willingness to learn and with the expertise of her speech therapists, that she’s on the right path.

I am so proud of you, Munchkin!

A New Favorite

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We had a baby shower for Christine on Saturday. It was wonderful to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Miss Elliana Faith; she's an answer to so many prayers! Anyway, the sisters and I were corraled for a picture and I'm so thankful we were. This is a new favorite of mine!

Next up for our family: Addressing wedding invitations!

"I never said it was easy."

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As the idea tumbled around and around in my head, I felt myself getting almost giddy at the prospect of a date with Jon. No kids… no kid meals… no pleading with Hudson to sit still or not throw food… no cajoling Devyn to eat more bites… no puzzled looks from Jon as he tries to decipher what I’m saying over the din of two kids. In other words, complete bliss.

I pampered myself for this date, much like I did when we were in a dating relationship. I shaved my legs, got out the best-smelling lotions, I took an unusually long time with my hair and make-up, and tried on several different outfits. It felt good to take that time to get pampered, knowing that Jon would not only notice, but would appreciate the effort.

Eleven years we’ve been together; eleven years ago today was the first day we started this relationship. I’m in awe of how far we’ve come, the memories we’ve shared, and the fact that for the most part we actually still like each other. Oh, we have our moments, our family and friends can attest to that. But at the end of the day, he’s my best friend, the one that I think to call first with good or bad news, and the one that I know will always have my back.

Marriage has been on my mind a lot this past week. Maybe it was our date-night; maybe it was the fact that we saw “Fireproof” after going out to dinner; maybe it was Courtney and Jeremy talking about their experience at Family Life’s marriage conference; maybe it’s the conversations Jon is having with friends… one is trying to decide if he’s ready to propose marriage and the other, a newlywed who had no idea that marriage was hard work. My husband’s response? “I said marriage was awesome, not easy.” Regardless, I feel led to write about this idea of marriage.

Do you remember your wedding day? Do you remember the months of preparation leading up to the wedding day? I do. Jon and I were engaged for 15 months, a l-o-n-g time frame that I would not encourage to anyone else, and so I was able to spend 15 months obsessing over every detail of that day. The dress, the flowers, the colors, the venues, the photographer, etc., it was so important to me to get that day right.

And then we were sent to the Family Life “Weekend to Remember” conference. For three days, we sat in seminars about marriage. During certain sessions of the conference, the engaged couples were taken out of the room and given frank talks about marriage. No words were minced, no hands were held, no warm, fuzzy feelings were given. They were brutal, or so it seemed to us at the time. In reality, the speakers were just being real. Marriage is hard work; if it were easy, then many of the couples at that conference would have no need to be there. It was obvious that many couples at the conference were close to the end of their marriage, feeling as though irreparable damage had been done. It was a wake-up call.

The last seven months of our engagement was spent in pre-marital counseling… TONS of pre-marital counseling. We did an eight-week course through our church and we met on separate occasions with Jon’s cousin and his wife, then my aunt and uncle. Both men married us on the day of our wedding and wanted to be sure that we knew what we were getting ourselves into. While we still had (have) our moments, we were given so many tools to start our marriage and I shudder to think what would have happened without them.

I wonder about our society today; a society that believes in tit for tat, a society that believes in putting yourself and your needs above everyone else. And then that same society wonders why the divorce rate is climbing steadily. There are days when my needs aren’t being met, just as there are days when I’m not meeting Jon’s needs. And trust me when I say this, when our needs aren’t being met, those are the days that can, and often do, lead to some really bad fights.

However, there are two things that keep Jon and I moving forward, instead of apart. One, we went into this marriage knowing and agreeing that divorce was not an option. Let me repeat that, IT IS NOT AN OPTION. No matter how bad the fight, no matter how hurt the feelings, we have two choices. We can either seek forgiveness or to forgive, or we can live in a silent, hurt world that only we’d created. Two, we’re constantly reminding ourselves that this marriage is not about ourselves. If I’m having a particularly bad day, I often have to ask myself when was the last time that I put Jon’s needs above my own. Sadly, the answer often makes me hang my head in shame.

Jon and I don’t have the perfect marriage, my parents haven’t done it perfectly, and surprisingly, neither have my pastor and his wife. I’m finding that marriage is a constant work-in-progress; I doubt I’ll ever have it completely figured out. However, I do know this. My marriage is the most important relationship in my life; Jon is one of my greatest blessings. He is my best friend, the father of my children, and the man that I’ve chosen to spend my life with. Yet, so often, he is the one that I take for granted the most. It’s so easy to assume that he’ll always be there, that he is infallible, no matter how I treat him.

These spouses of ours were once heroes in our eyes; there was once a time when just the sound of their voice or glimpse of their smile is all we needed to get through a rough day. What happened to that? What happened to our promise to “have and to hold, to cherish in good times and in bad times”? What would it do to their spirit, to their person, if we reverted back to the days of dating and put their needs above our own? So often we forget to treat them as we’d like to be treated. I’m more than willing to continue on the plan that God designed for marriage; which means putting in long hours and hard work to ensure that our marriage is as fulfilling and meaningful as God intended the marriage relationship to be.

"Hey Kid!"

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When I saw Melissa’s Facebook status mention a classmate’s death, I thought about sending her a message but decided a call would be better. I had thought the death was of another classmate who had been very sick but was shocked to hear of the passing our dear classmate, Rich F. Actually, shock doesn’t even begin to describe the emotions that swept through my mind. I don’t remember much of that conversation; my mind just went to a complete blank. (And Melissa, I’m sorry for the crying over the phone. Thanks for being so patient with me.)

As I hung up the phone and trooped down the stairs to seek solace from Jon, my mind kept going to back to this photo. I’ve posted it before, over a year ago, and I remember that night like it was yesterday. It was Jon and mine’s official first high school dance together and the five couples trooped to Denver to eat at the Trail Dust. The Trail Dust was infamous for cutting the ties off patrons and the girls had gotten the ugliest ties we could find for our dates. We ate Rocky Mountain Oysters and Rich kept us in stitches the entire night. Both he and Mike kept switching off cowboy hats and were just being them…funny, happy-go-lucky, them. It was a good night.

Much of Saturday was spent in a fog. High school days played through my mind like old movies; I thought of the numerous classes we’d taken together (mostly English for some reason), the pep rallies where Rich had no problem getting laughs from the crowd, he was a fixture as every football and basketball game, I can’t tell you how many times he cheered his friends from sidelines, and his smile! He always had that smile on his face, in fact, after talking to Marianne, we’re not sure if Rich ever did have a bad day. And if he did, we never knew about it.

Of course there was graduation but Rich and I still ran into each other at local events or Lucky Joe’s. In fact, the night of Christine’s 21st birthday, I ran into Rich at Lucky Joe’s and was instantly enveloped in a big hug. It was that night that he informed he was moving to California to pursue law school. I wished him luck and we promised to stay in touch.

This past summer we connected again via Facebook. And on Saturday night, I opened my inbox on Facebook to find one of his messages. “Hey Kid” the message line read and again the tears started to flow. I reread everything he wrote me. He was sorry to have missed the reunion and wished he could have come. But he was dealing with medical stuff at the time and couldn’t make it. He told me about life in California, how he was able to go surfing every morning before work, and how as soon as he was better, he was outta here and back in the ocean. It wasn’t a matter of “if” he got better; it was a matter of “when” he got better. Even when I pressed for details about this health stuff, he never told me it was brain cancer. We continued to chat for several days that week, and Rich told me that I had a beautiful family.

I rubbed the tears away again and opened my email; and there it was, the email that I’d missed from the night before. An email from Rich’s brother that has been forwarded to me from another classmate, Katie. I read Lee’s heart wrenching email, as he talked about Rich’s seven-month struggle with brain cancer. There were several times I had to clear my eyes, just so I could see the words one the screen. Then these words jumped out at me, “Even until the end, he was more worried about others than himself. “ And I smiled, that’s Rich.

Rich was one of the best that our class had to offer. He was a friend to everyone and always had that smile ready for anyone who needed it. Rich was, and will always, represent high school for me. You will be very missed, friend!

Baby Trece at 27 Weeks

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First there was anticipation, followed by a bit of curiosity. Then there was disbelief and elation, with excitement close behind. Concern came next, along with a need for clarification. And finally there was laughter. Laughter of a woman who is fast learning not to take anything for granted; laughter of a woman who is starting to expect the ups and downs with pregnancy number three.

Let me first give you the statistics from this morning’s ultrasound. Baby Trece is weighing in at a healthy two pounds, four ounces and measuring at exactly 27 weeks, 3 days. The technician allowed us to just watch Baby Trece for a while, which was an absolute joy! Baby Trece moved arms and legs; opened his or her mouth; and I just fell in love with that little one’s face. I’m getting so excited to hold this child in my arms!

Profile shot at 27 weeks.

Face-on photo of Baby Trece. I am LOVING those lips!

Secondly, thank you to everyone who prayed over the placenta previa condition. Your prayers must have gone directly from your lips to His ears because I am happy to report that the placenta has most definitely moved! It is no longer even close to the cervix and now rests comfortably at the top of my uterus. So thank you everyone!

However, just as I was getting excited about the idea of a vaginal birth again, the technician found something else to cause concern. It appears that the umbilical cord has slipped down by the cervix and is currently positioned under the baby’s head. Since the cord cannot come out before the baby, I would still be looking at a c-section if I went into labor today.

Thus, the laughter.

So much can happen within the next 12 weeks and I will be closely monitored for the rest of the pregnancy. But I am confident that the cord will move out of the way in time for Baby Trece to be born. I laugh because I have a feeling that God is going to let this ride continue to the very end. What an appropriate lesson for the woman that likes to have everything planned out.

I have to wonder what other lessons are in store for this mama!

One of Those Days

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I’m having one of those days; the kind of day where one wonders who thought it would be a good idea to have you become a mother. The kind of day that makes you want to throw your hands up, whisper “I can’t do this”, and hop on the nearest train out of there. The kind of day that one hopes their parenting skills aren’t causing irrevocable damage to the children they’d been given. The kind of day where you feel like you just can’t do it… Yes, that’s my day today.

I am overwhelmed, there I’ve said it. Not only have I said it out loud, but I’ve gone ahead and admitted on the world wide web. But I am… I am overwhelmed.

Every morning for the past two to three weeks, Devyn has whispered, “Please stay home today Mommy, please don’t go to work.” Talk about a knife being twisted in my heart. I’ve tried explaining that Mommy will be home A LOT more come January, but the future is a hard thing for a three-almost-four-year-old to grasp.

Hudson has turned into this clingy toddler, one who constantly either needs to be held or needs to have someone in the same room as him. The other week, he screamed bloody-murder because I had left the dining room to finish getting ready while he finished his breakfast.

I see my house, really see it, and I want to melt into the floor. It has been months since I have mopped, dusted, scrubbed, or organized our house. And the effects of not doing those things are showing. I need a good week or two to just focus on the house and make it livable again.

My list continues to grow every day and I find that I have neither the motivation nor energy to tackle that list. Don’t get me wrong, most days I love my life. I love seeing those smiling faces waiting for me; I love that Devyn wants to spend time with me; I love that more often than not, Hudson can only be consoled by me; and most times, I know the housework can wait. (But my dust bunnies are seriously a good inch or two thick right now!)

However, this is one of those days and I know my life isn’t perfect. I know there are areas that I need to work on; I know there are times when I’m giving less my best. And I’d be foolish to try and pretend that I have it all together or know exactly what I’m doing, because I don’t. I’m continuously thankful that each morning, each day, brings a fresh chance, a new start. Here’s to the sun rising tomorrow!


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In all my excitement to make some changes to the blog, I accidentally switched my blog setting to private. Whoops!

I promise there was no conspiracy theory here. As you are all aware by now, my life is an open book. (For the most part… there are times that respect for family and friends must come into play.)

So my apologies for the near heart-attacks and the panicked calls and emails; all is well in Munchkin Land.

Monday Check In

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  • I am 27 weeks pregnant and can’t believe how fast time is flying! Baby Trece is active all the time; I constantly have a new body part straining against the confines of my belly. It’s a fun game of “Guess That Body Part!” And even with the growing belly and the constant movements, I find that a part of me is still in denial that Baby Trece will be joining us shortly. It feels so surreal that we’ll be a family of five in only three months.

  • We ordered Devyn’s flower girl dress last Saturday; we spend this past weekend addressing Courtney’s wedding invitations; and we have two baby showers coming up for Christine and Baby Elliana. Wow! Life is getting packed full and its only October! I can’t imagine how fast time is going to fly come November 1st. We have Devyn’s 4th birthday; Courtney’s bridal shower; Thanksgiving; the impending birth of Elliana Faith; fittings for bridesmaid dresses; last minute wedding details; etc. Oh goodness! I am definitely going to have to stop, take a deep breath, and remind myself to take things one day at a time.

  • On Thursday I have another ultrasound to see if the placenta has moved or not. While I’m anxious to have answers, I also know that things can continue to change at the last minute. This pregnancy is proving to be so unlike my other two. Usually by this time in the pregnancy, I’m measuring a good two to three weeks behind. But this pregnancy is measuring correctly each time. This just may be my biggest baby yet.

  • Jon and I are tossing around the idea of having my tubes tied if I do end up having a c-section. While my head understands and I know that it’s the logical step to take, the permanency of that move makes me ache. I can’t imagine not having life grow inside of me again, but at the same time, I know that I can only be stretched (literally and figuratively) so far. I really feel this is the right decision for us.

  • Yesterday, Hudson fell asleep in my arms during the Broncos game and oh, how I relished that time with him. He is such a boy and is usually always on the go. Seriously… he doesn’t stop moving. But for that precious hour and a half, I was able to kiss his eyelids, stroke the blond curls, and be awed at how perfect his little body still fits against mine. It seems like just yesterday, I was getting to know him as a newborn and now we’re just four months short of his second birthday. He is beautiful, this son of mine.

Election 101 for Devyn

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On Tuesday night, Devyn and I sat down together to watch the presidential nominees debate. Granted, she’d rather have been watching a cartoon or a Disney movie but was content to sit next to me on the couch and cuddle our way through what we both deemed, “a very boring debate”. At point, Devyn even turned to me and said, “Mama, this is hard to watch.” I laughed so hard and whole-heartedly agreed with her.

She was curious about what we were watching and as best as I could, hopefully on a level she could understand at 3-almost-4-years-old. I told her who the men were, that they each hoped to be president of our country, and that they were taking turn trying to convince us to vote for them. As she repeated the names over and over again, “Barack Obama” and “John McCain” (quite clearly for her age), she asked me who I liked. Let’s just say that I made it very clear who I was voting for and why; poor thing got quite the list. She just nodded her head and continued to sit with me through the rest of the debate. (I think that earns her some kind of “Young Citizen Award”, don’t you think?)

Fast forward to last night, we had Aunt Christine and our friend, Annie, over for the evening when the Saturday Night Live – Thursday Election Recap came on after The Office. We laughed as they parodied the debate and one of my favorite parts was when Devyn looked at me in confusion and said, “That’s not Barack Obama!” I assured her she was right and laughed again when, still in utter confusion, she pointed out that, “That’s not John McCain either!” Yes, she’s that smart and that observant. We can’t say anything in front of her, or even within earshot, any more.

And by the way, did anyone else catch the “Really?!” section on SNL’s Weekend Update segment? Hysterical!

Surprise #5

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Is anyone else keeping track of the number of surprises that are accompanying this pregnancy?

Surprise #1: Two lines, we’re pregnant!
Surprise #2: Work situation: full-time or voluntary demotion to stay part-time.
Surprise #3: Boy or Girl? Who knows!
Surprise #4: Placenta previa, c-section time.

Are you ready for Surprise #5? Are you sure?

We had a regular OB appointment this past Monday, including my glucose test. (I’m happy to report that I tested negative for gestational diabetes, whoo hoo!) I am now 26 weeks pregnant, I’ve gained six pounds in four weeks, I’m measuring right on schedule, and the heartrate was in the 140’s. (Any gender guesses yet?)

Then my doctor, my beloved Dr. Susie whom I’ve seen since before I married Jon, has delivered both of my other babies, and seen me through two post-partum depression episodes, dropped a bomb on us. She is going to be out of the country from December 29th through the third week of January; my due date falls right in the middle of this trip.

Well, hmmmm.

I know she would have told me sooner but the approval just came through. I am disappointed, I won’t lie, but I also know that I can’t expect her life to revolve around me. (As much as I love to think it does.) I think Jon is even more disappointed than I am; my birthing experiences have been so special because Dr. Susie never made me feel like a patient. She was always so great about thanking us for allowing her to be part of our special days. She truly is the greatest.

So where does that leave us? I could see another OB in the office and I like her just fine but she can’t perform c-sections. Granted we don’t know for sure if the placenta previa is still there, I’d hate to get attached to another doctor only to have to switch doctors again if I do need a c-section. So, I have a “hello, nice to meet you” appointment set up at another office tomorrow; every OB in this office can perform both vaginal and c-section births.

I know that no one will be able to replace Dr. Susie and I’m still very bummed that she won’t be there for the birth of this third child BUT I’m also confident that everything will be ok and once again, I think God is handing me another situation to give Him control over my life. I’m getting the distinct impression that God is trying to get my attention, as if He’s asking me to give Him control over every area of my life. Really, God?! Every aspect of my life?! Can’t I just make this little plan over here? No? Ok, well, how about… Oh, no to that too, huh? And you’re sure you don’t need any help? Ok then, I’ll just sit over here until you’re done.

Ask me how I’m doing with this scenario in another week and I’ll let you know if I’ve managed to keep my fingers (or controlling tendencies) out of God’s way. Here’s hoping.

Our Orange and Blue Adventure

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It was a Father-Daughter Bronco game that neither of us will soon forget.

About an hour and a half before we were to leave for church yesterday, I got a call from Dad saying that he didn’t have tickets but was planning to drive down to Denver for the Broncos-Buccaneers game and try to buy some tickets off the street. Would I be interested in going with him? After a quick consult with Jon, I responded with a resounding yes and we found ourselves driving down to Denver after church for a Sunday afternoon game.

As we drove along Federal Boulevard (those that are familiar with Denver, know this street well), I was amazed at the number of sellers using tickets as a way to lure drivers off to the side streets for some price wrangling. (Every game I’ve gone to in the past, we always had tickets. I’ve never seen the likes of this before.) I watched as Dad pulled into the Walgreen’s parking lot and the seller came over to haggle with Dad over the price.

And this… the beginning to our memorable day… made Dad want to stuff a sock in my face, I’m sure. I’m listening to the two of them negotiate back and forth, when I opened my mouth and inserted my foot. “Dad,” I began, as I laid my hand on his shoulder, “He’s only asking for $5 more; what’s $5?” And with a look from Dad, one that told me to shut-up, he was forced to up his price another $5 because his eldest daughter opened her mouth. Oops! I guess that’ll teach Dad to bring me along to any bargaining table.

We parked the truck a good mile and a half away, and trekked toward the stadium. Dad offered to drop me off closer to the game but I decided to tough it out, after all, I’m not THAT pregnant. By the end of the first mile, I was sorely regretting that decision and we agreed that when the game was over, he’d get the car and come back to pick me up.

The game itself was great! A boring first half and an exciting second half with turnovers, fumbles, interceptions, etc. and I’m happy to report that our Broncos are now 4-1. Yes! Great game, good conversation (much of it involving politics), and now it was time to return home.

This is where the story gets really good!

Dad ran out of the stadium ahead of me, as he had a good walk back to the truck before coming back to get me. Plus with my legs feeling like rubber from the walk to the stadium, I knew it was going to take me a while to get to our meeting place. We had agreed on a certain meeting point, just outside of the stadium parking lot. Yet the closer I got to our agreed spot, the more I realized that there was no way Dad was going to be able to drive in and get me. All the lanes were now considered “out” lanes; even the usual “in” lanes had cars leaving the stadium.

So I thought I’d help us both out and meet him at the nearest intersection at Federal, hoping to head him off from even attempting to drive in. I got to the intersection and waited for 15 minutes. I kept getting wary looks from the police officer manning the intersection; I’m sure he wondered why the pregnant woman was refusing to cross the street even though she’d been given several opportunities. I shrugged my shoulders, decided to cross the street, and head up Federal Boulevard.

Traffic was stop and go at this point; I figured that surely I’d see Dad driving down Federal and then I could just hop in the truck once I found him. It seemed like a logical decision to me; I thought I was doing us both a favor and saving us time. But the further I walked, the more I realized that I had made a really bad decision. This wasn’t exactly the greatest neighborhood, it was approaching dusk, and here I was, six months pregnant, walking along Federal Boulevard by myself. Then as the traffic thinned out and it was no longer stop-and-go, I realized that Dad had not driven down Federal after all.

I pulled out the cell phone, called Jon, explained my predicament, received a lecture for leaving our original meeting spot in the first place, expressed my frustration at Dad for not having his own cell phone, and decided on a plan of action. I found a respectable, really nice Mexican restaurant with a patio and waited. I knew eventually that Dad would find a phone and call me; in the mean time I was going to enjoy some chips, salsa, shredded beef tacos, and a little “me” time.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, Dad was frantically searching for me and had no idea where I was. He had parked the truck, was going back and forth from the stadium to our agreed meeting spot, and had various scenarios running through his head. Did I go into labor? Was I at a hospital? Had I passed out in the stadium and no one knew where I was? Had I decided that life was too overwhelming and now would be a good time to run away? (Seriously, Dad? Would I ever run away?) Just as he’d reached the height of his anxiety, a guy walked out of the Broncos administration office and Dad asked if he could borrow his cell phone.

With the guy in a suit and tie standing there, Dad called Mom and said the words every parent dreads hearing, “I’ve lost our daughter.” Now, unknown to Dad, I’d already called Mom and told her the story, so she already knew where I was, that I was safe, and was waiting for Dad. But Mom being the woman that she is, decided to milk it for all it was worth and demanded to know how Dad could have lost their pregnant daughter. Poor Dad! Mom finally relented and told Dad where I was and gave him my cell number. Once directions were given and instructions were made clear (“Do NOT move, Jenn!”), Dad handed the phone back to the man.

The man smiled in agreement with Dad and told him that he had an eight-year-old daughter at home who did this all the time too. “Yes,” my dad said, “but my daughter is 29 years old and should have known better.”

We eventually met up again, a good hour and a half after the game had ended. My poor father! I know that I gave him a few more white hairs and quite a scare! Even a good hour outside of Denver, on our way home, Dad was complaining of the adrenaline rush I’d given him. What can I say?! I thought it was a good plan in theory; it turns out I was wrong and should have stayed put.

And this is why Dad has vowed to never take a pregnant daughter to a ball game again…

Bidding Adieu and Other Things

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Yesterday afternoon we laid Jon’s dear great-aunt, Cliffa, to rest. She died unexpectedly last Thursday from a heart attack and her funeral was yesterday; Jon, his brothers, and cousins were pall-bearers.

Aunt Cliffa never married and adopted her sibling’s children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren as surrogates. She was a quirky woman, one who always made us laugh and constantly had a camera in her hands. Her absence will be deeply felt at upcoming family holiday meals!


In the midst of cleaning out Aunt Cliffa’s belongings, Jon’s grandparents came across this photo.

Since his birth, I have heard over and over again how much Hudson looks like Jon. Yet it took this picture for me to realize how Hudson is the spitting-image of his dad. In fact, Devyn, my own father, and Jon’s grandparents thought the photo was of Hudson. It’s a little creepy!


I received some wonderful news about work this morning. I have been living in a constant state of unknown, which is a huge stressor for me. The unknown of… Is part-time still on the table? What will my schedule be? Are my duties changing? Will that impact my salary? And the questions went on.

However, for one of the first times in my life, I was able to lay it at God’s feet. I knew that I was being obedient in deciding to go part-time and I knew God would honor that decision. Sure enough, God provided. I will be considered full-time through my maternity leave (which is great for leave accruals, salary, and benefits). Upon my return I will go to 20 hours/week, with my desired schedule of 2 and ½ days a week, and I will be allowed to maintain my current salary.

While I still trust that God is in control, it feels SO good to have a plan in place!


Jon and I were blessed (and I mean BLESSED) with a wonderful gift. One hates to benefit from the death of a loved one, and we wish that Aunt Cliffa still was here with us, but we feel so lucky to have this as a reminder of her in our home.

Isn’t it beautiful?! I have been drooling over these for a while but always knew that the price range made it unattainable. I am sure we'll put this gift to good use!


This little one that is growing and resting inside me is becoming more active every day. It is getting to the point where Hudson can't comfortably sit in my lap anymore; I promise to post a new belly picture soon. But for those that have been wondering, we have definitely decided on our new boy name. We both love it and I highly doubt we’ll be changing our minds again.

And since we’re not changing our minds, we’re excited to announce that if this should be a boy, we’ll be naming him Gavin Jonathan. I so wish that we were open with last names on here because every time I say the full name, someone says, “That sounds like a movie-star name.” I don’t know about that, but I think it’s a very strong name and a perfect fit for this family.


And for those that thought the picture of the woman screaming was me, thank you! Actually, it's just a photo I found online and I thought it was an accurate portrayal of the way I was feeling at that moment.