Oh Baby, Baby!

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Well, it’s a baby… definitely a beautiful, gorgeous, healthy little baby, weighing in at 13 ozs. When the technician called our name, I was pleasantly surprised to see the woman who performed an ultrasound on Hudson when he was in-utero. She is one of the friendliest and best technicians we’ve ever had, and it was great to have her again.

As I settled on the bed, she asked if we wanted to know the gender, especially since it was going to be the tie-breaker. I looked pointedly at Jon and he laughing declined. I can tell you all that I was a good girl and looked away every time she told us she was going down to that area. It was killing me, but I can honestly say that we did not find out the gender.

Everything looks really good; the baby looks very healthy and is definitely a little yoga master already. You’ll see in the pictures in a moment but he/she is basically folded in half, with the legs up by the head. We even got to watch the baby play with its toes for a while. After seeing the profile and the 3D shots, Jon and I both think that the baby resembles Hudson. I guess we’ll know for sure in about 20 weeks, huh?! What do you think?

The 3-D shot looks SO similar to Hudson's 3D shot.

The classic, side profile shot.

Yoga master in the zen, legs up over his/her head.

A beautiful arm with a hand and fingers.

Now on to other news, surprise seems to be the key word with this pregnancy. (And no, I’m not having multiples.) At the very beginning of the ultrasound, the technician mentioned that she’d have to do a transvaginal ultrasound due to the fact that my placenta was so low. I didn’t think anything of it. Come to find out, the placenta is covering my cervix and I’m looking at a high possibility of a c-section.

I asked the technician, as hopefully as I could because I already knew the answer, if there was a possibility of the placenta moving out of the way some time in the next 20 weeks. With a tone that said “I’m going to say that it’s possible but honestly I know better”, she responded that there was always that chance.

My next OB appointment is next Friday and believe-you-me, my doctor and I are having a heart-to-heart regarding this situation. Between now and then (and even up to the birth), I’ll be walking a fine line between preparing myself for a c-section and praying that God will move the placenta out of the way. And in the end, all that matters is a healthy baby boy or girl. Which now that I have placenta previa, I’m going to get a ton of ultrasounds to see if the placenta has moved and I’ll have to be a good girl every, single time! Do you think God is trying to teach me something about trusting Him and giving Him control?!

See you at the polls!

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This is the one and only time I will mention anything political on here. I have my beliefs, I feel strongly about them, and am more than willing to discuss them in person but this blog is not the place that I wish to open such a discussion. If you are curious about the candidates that we have to choose from in this November’s election, I highly recommend this website. http://glassbooth.org/

It is a quiz that allows you to give greater weight to the issues that mean the most to you and then has you answer a series of questions in relation to the issues. At the end of the quiz, it not only tells you which candidate best matches your viewpoints, but will also explains why you agree or disagree on certain issues. I found it very informative and thought you might too. Hope it helps you!

Home Sweet Blog

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While I absolutely LOVED the design that Judi from Doodle Bug Designs did for me a while ago, I’ve been admiring some of the fun, free designs at The Cutest Blog on the Block. Since fall is fast approaching this area, I thought something warm and representative of fall was in order. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing new designs more often now…

My Bundle of (Non-Stop) Energy

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Oh, my son, you are one bundle of boy! There is no doubt about it! All one has to do is be in the same room with you for a mere ten minutes and I get the wide-eyed, knowing look; the look that says, “You have your hands full” and they are so right. For instance:

You have recently discovered a love of anything involving sports, especially if there is a ball involved. You are learning the words of the sports such as baseball, basketball, and football. It started out a mimic of your sister and her love of baseball but has quickly developed into an obsession all your own.

Just the other day, we were at lunch with Nana and Alli at a local restaurant where sports paraphernalia lined the walls and the TVs were set to various games. Every time a game came back on, you pointed to the TV, and said, “Football, football” wanting to ensure that we saw what you were seeing. You then pump your arm in the air and shout, “Go, go, go!” I think you’ve been watching your Papa and uncles too closely, but it makes me smile.

You found an old video tape of football highlights, one that belongs to your Papa. You carried the video cover throughout the house shouting “Football!” to anyone that would listen.

Last night you carried a long, plastic accessory from the vacuum. It was being carried just as you would a baseball bat. Papa noticed this, grabbed a ball, and showed you how to hit the ball with your new “bat”. It was amazing to watch you, my little 18-month-old man, concentrate for nearly half an hour as you tried to hit the ball with your “bat” too. Such determination, such concentration, such a nearly-perfect batter’s stance. I think your daddy and I already have an idea for a Christmas gift idea.

Oh my son, you are a full-throttle, pedal-to-the-metal, adventure-seeking, risk-taking, bundle of energy. You are non-stop all day long, up over couches, jumping off chairs, running outside, and even pushing your sister and her bike down the street and back. Oh, I’m tired just thinking of all the things you do and the energy it must take to do them. But at the end of the day, when you’ve had enough and we see you rubbing those baby eyes of yours, you are the first to run to your bedroom at the first suggestion of bedtime. And after a good bedtime story and a bedtime prayer, we lay you in your crib and you drift off to sleep all by yourself.

The next morning, like clockwork, you are awake and ready to take on the day again. How you make my life an adventure, little man; you definitely keep me hopping!

Smidge of Wistfulness

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Ahhh, nostalgia… one of my favorite feelings.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am an emotional, live-in-the-moment kind of girl. I rarely make decisions based on facts or figures; most of my decisions are based on the feelings and emotions that are reigning at the moment. I’ll be honest, making decisions like that can get me in trouble (and actually have been in trouble on a number of occasions) but that’s me. And luckily, I have a husband, friends, and family who are very aware of that and love me for it… most of the time. More on this at a later time; back to nostalgia.

I just love the way nostalgia wraps itself around me and transports me back to a time where I am able to reminisce with longing and sentiment. While I do try to find blessings in the here and now, and trust me that this is harder to do on some days, it’s when I’m feeling nostalgic that I’m able to look back on that time and realize how really, truly blessed I am.

My mother-in-law is currently visiting; she brought her laptop with her and on that laptop are a number of photo albums that Devyn and I perused throughout the weekend. One particular album caught my eye and I felt my heart in my throat as I looked at my baby girl from 18 months ago. It was taken soon after Hudson was born and she bore the same scrunched-nose look as this picture. I felt that guttural punch familiar to moms all over the earth as they realize how much their child has grown.

Look at her… my beautiful baby girl, the baby girl who changed my life and turned it upside down as the idea of unconditional love came to be a real, tangible feeling. This is my baby girl, the toddler-child, who has turned into an amazing big sister. This is the baby girl that since undergoing speech therapy I have gotten to know on a completely different level, and who is actually one of the funniest people I know. This is my baby girl that is turning into the most loving, caring, sensitive, and thoughtful little person, her own person, and whom I am SO honored to have the privilege of mothering.

*Sigh* Nostalgia. I’m sure it’s an emotion that will constantly sneak up behind me in the years to come, just as I’m sure it’s an emotion that most of you mothers are familiar with, and I, for one, welcome it. It forces me to stop to remember what was, be thankful for what is, and look forward to what is to come. It was a beautiful glimpse into the past!

Jumbled Thoughts - Part II

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  • It’s official; we are waiting to find out the gender. We will know if it’s little Reagan or Brayden who will be joining our family upon their birth.
  • Until that day arrives, the name Baby Trece will have to do.
  • Jon thought it perfectly hilarious that so many told me to wait. And I’m sure when that day comes, it will be an amazing experience.
  • This little one is moving constantly these days. In fact, Jon was even able to feel the movements for the first time on Monday night; I always love watching his face light up.
  • After reading several blogs on first-days-of-schools and talking to a coworker, I have decided that Devyn will be three forever and won’t be attending school… ever.
  • Last night, out of the clear blue, Devyn announced that her favorite gymnast was “Shawn Johnson”. She seriously knew her name without any prompting!
  • Speaking of gymnastics, Devyn has been living in her leotard day-in and day-out. It is World War III when I have her take it off to be washed.
  • Hudson got in on the gymnastics-action last night; after turning a somersault, he stood up, arms to the sky, and announced “ta-da!” This was done over and over again.
  • The one afternoon that we didn't have the Olympics on, we sat outside while Daddy mowed the grass. There is nothing better than the smell of freshly mowed grass.
  • Hudson hates the sound of the mower, and the vacuum too. Whenever either is going, he must be held by the other parent; otherwise he’s in the corner crying. Poor guy!
  • I still think Hudson needs a brother; after all, it’s not very often to see a little boy pushing a stroller down the street or wanting to brush Sissy’s hair.
  • Granted, he’s not nearly as cuddly with Devyn’s dolls as she is. In fact, I think one of her dolls got quite a jolt when Hudson slammed it to the floor the other day. It must be a boy-thing.
  • In exactly four months from today, we’ll get dressed in our wedding finery and watch as my baby sister marries her high school sweetheart.
  • Exactly three weeks after that, it’ll be my due date and I’ll be considered full-term. I wonder if this will be the one time that a baby of mine decides to arrive early. That would sure add to the fun!
  • Have I mentioned that one of the other sisters, Christine, is due only 6 days before the wedding?! Do you think we could fit in any more during that week?
  • I cannot wait to hold Miss Elliana Faith, the name of my future niece, in my arms. I am so ready for the aunt-role and can’t wait to shower that tiny bundle with love.
  • Because of all the craziness that will define December, I have decided I will not send Christmas cards this year.
  • I smile because as much as I complain about the surprises and madness that has consumed us this year, its awesome to think that we’ll add two new babies and a brother-in-law during that time. A growing family, albeit a loud and noisy family, is always a blessed thing.

Big, Yellow Flowers

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Devyn has fallen in love with sunflowers. I’m sure the field next to our house, the field full of those big, yellow flowers has something to do with it. Every time we drive by it, I love hearing her gasp of delight and hearing her sweet voice say, “Mama! Look! Sunflowers!”

On the way to work this morning, I noticed some sunflowers growing on the side of the road. I quickly pulled to the side, jumped out of the van, and picked it. When I opened the door to Devyn’s side and presented her with her very own sunflower, her eyes lit up. We traveled the rest of the way to Nana’s house with her sunflower tucked possessively in her arms.

She kept smiling and smelling the flower. “Mama?” she asked. “Yes Babe?” I was thoroughly enjoying her reaction to the picked flower. “You stopped the car and picked a flower for me?!” she asked. “Yes, I did; I thought it would make you happy.” She contemplated this for a moment and with another awestruck smile said, “You’re the best Mama!”

Oh sweet child, if only you knew how much those words and these moments mean to me… It’s a moment that will always be treasured in this Mama’s heart.

Little Man Penguin Suit

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And just because I can… Here is the tuxedo that we bought online for Hudson’s role as Ring Bearer in Courtney’s wedding come December. We could have spent $70 to rent the tuxedo, but decided to try Ebay first. For almost $20 (with shipping) this little man tux is on its way to our house as we speak. I can’t wait to see him dancing in it!

Operation: Gender Determination

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Operation: Gender Determination has begun.

Our ultrasound is a week from Friday and we are so excited to see our little one again. It’s at one of the newer facilities in town and since they have 3D capabilities, we’re sure to get some great pictures. We have also decided to let Devyn come with us to this appointment, as she is very aware of what is happening and I know she’ll get a kick out seeing the baby onscreen.

However, with the ultrasound fast approaching, I have changed my mind about not wanting to find out for several reasons. One, knowing which clothes to wash and get ready before the birth; two, being able to call this child by name; and three, preparing Miss Paige for the birth of her baby sister or brother. During the first part of this pregnancy Devyn was adamant that she wanted a baby brother, the mere mention that this child might be a girl was met with tears and disbelief. However, on our recent camping trip, my friend, Mandy, was able to convince her of all the great things that come with a sister. Mandy did such a great job that now Devyn won’t hear of a brother, only wanting a sister. =) Suffice it to say, that the third reason isn’t really much of a reason anymore as I think Devyn will be fine once she’s holding the baby in her arms… boy or girl.

Now my husband is a laid-back, reasonable kind of guy; which is why our marriage works so well. He is my perfect balance as I can be demanding, opinionated, and bossy. However, when Jon puts his foot down, there is no changing his mind. And that too is good for me; I also need a man who is willing to stand up for what he wants. So now is the time he decided to put his foot down and he is not budging on his stance to wait for the birth before we know whether we’re adding a son or daughter to the mix. I can’t get him to budge two inches!

I’ve tried logical persuasion; I’ve tried pulling the “but I’m the one carrying the baby” bit; I’ve tried convincing him to at least let the technician write BOY or GIRL on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope to open later; I’ve tried everything. So if you have any ideas on how to budge my man on this, I’m all ears. No, it won’t be very secret as he reads my blog on a daily basis (hi Babe!) but it’s worth a shot, don’t you think?!

Gray and Wet

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It’s one of those days… Its gray and dreary outside, rain is falling at a light but steady pace, and there’s enough of a bite in the air to turn up the heater. It’s the kind of day that begs for quiet laziness, the kind of day where you’d prefer to sit in the corner with a good book but since having kids you know you better get out the Disney movies instead.

After a string of intensely hot days, a day like today is welcome indeed. And while I’m enjoying it, there’s still a sense of melancholy. It could be that my husband has taken off with his brother for a four-day adventure of fishing and I miss him; it could be that I’m tired, running after two kids while being 18-weeks pregnant will do that to a girl; or it could be that I had a bad “mommy-moment” last night. I won’t go into details; just suffice it to say that many apologies had to be issued to my 18-month-old son this morning for my frustration and lack of patience.

Its days like today that make you wonder if the weather is affecting your mood, or if your mood is a reflection of the weather. I’m sitting here at my desk missing my husband, wishing to be at home with my babies, wishing that I could enjoy this day in the way that it’s meant to be enjoyed, and wishing the hour hand would move a little faster. Instead I’ll enjoy watching the rain fall from our wall of windows, be thankful that we’re warm and cozy while everything is wet outside, and smile whenever I think of Devyn saying “It’s storming outside”. It’s just one of those days…

18 Week Belly x 3

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Here you go, folks, the beginning of belly pictures for Baby... drum roll... Trece. (Anonymous, thanks for the idea, I loved it!) Hopefully you can click on the picture to enlarge it, otherwise take my word for it that my belly is already huge compared to the other pregnancies.

Can you call dibs on gymnastics moves?

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Our household has been pretty wrapped up in the Olympic Games this past weekend and I’m thoroughly enjoying explaining the different sports and games to Devyn. I think she’s grasping the main concept of each sport. (By the way, did anyone else see that amazing 400M race between the US and France? I’m surprised Jon and I didn’t wake the kids with our yelling!)

Last night we settled in to watch the women’s gymnastics and without saying a word to anyone, Devyn disappeared into her bedroom. A few minutes later she came out with a leotard that had been handed down to her from a friend. Bear in mind, she has never worn this leotard before and really, I’d forgotten it even existed. But she marched right up to me, leotard in hand, and asked for a costume change. I happily obliged.

For the next hour, our little girl twirled, danced, and somersaulted to her heart’s content. Every so often she’d raised her arms in a “ta-da” moment and we cheered for her. It was too fun! Then out of the corner of her eye, Devyn noticed a gymnast doing a floor routine and started “tattling” on the gymnast.

“Mom! That’s my move!” she cried.

“I made up that move first!” she complained and then proceeded to point her toes in a ballerina-esque move to prove her point.

Hmmm… How to explain to a 3-year-old wearing a pink, rhinestone encrusted leotard that the gymnast has probably been practicing that move for years before Devyn’s birth? And without crushing the heart of said 3-year-old who truly believes that she “made up” that move first? Mom just asked if she would mind sharing her moves with the gymnasts on TV… it seemed to do the trick.

A Boy and His Wii

Monday, August 11, 2008 4 Comments A+ a-

Question: What to do with a boy who so badly wants to play with his daddy and uncles?

Answer: Give him a controller and let him think he's playing!

Praying for Tunnel Vision

Wednesday, August 06, 2008 13 Comments A+ a-

About a month ago I hinted that there were some things happening at work, I think it might be time to reveal what’s going on. Toward the end of June, during my annual evaluation, my boss dropped a bomb on me that my part-time work was no longer working for the department. Color me surprised since I had been working part-time for eight months without a word that there were any problems. I was given two choices: return to my current position as a full-time employee or accept a voluntary demotion and go from 30 hours per week to 20 hours per week.

Jon and I have spent the last six weeks deep in conversation, debate, drawing up sample budgets, and praying! Even with losing approximately $800 a month in income, the decision seems pretty clear to us. There is just no way that I can, nor do I want to, work full-time with three little ones aged four and under. I just can’t do it. However, since I was given the leeway and latitude, I have taken my time in informing my boss of this decision. Call it stubborn, call it chicken, call it whatever you want, but I’m not making this decision any sooner than I have to. Until yesterday... I was pulled into my supervisor’s office and asked if I had given any thought to my decision. I asked a few more direct questions and I finally admitted that, yes, we were leaning towards part-time employment.

And now that I’ve said the words out loud, to my supervisor of all people, I am desperately praying for peace and tunnel vision. My head and my heart know this is the right decision, of that there is no doubt. But I am having a hard time keeping my eye on the end goal. If I look to the right, dollar signs are dancing in front of my eyes, mocking this decision and the loss of income. I become paralyzed as bills and unplanned-for-expenses come to mind. If I look to the left, I become angry and bitter that I was forced into this decision. I become mired in a deep pit of resentment when I think how there might be some pregnancy-discrimination involved.

But I’m constantly forcing myself to keep my eyes on the road ahead of me, of the ultimate goal of what is best for our children. No matter the circumstances surrounding this decision, I know that God is pulling the strings and strategically moving things around to fulfill His plan for our future, for our family. I can trust in that. I am thrilled at the idea of only going to work 2 and ½ days a week, of getting that much more time at home with my babies. I’m looking forward to play dates; attending a moms group with my friend, Sarah; I’m looking forward to days playing in the sprinkler and backyard; I’m looking forward to quiet afternoons while children are napping; I am looking forward to being Mom.

And if God is forcing us to become better stewards of our money, then I suppose Jon and I should look at it as another teaching moment. Finances will be tight but again, here’s another moment in learning how to trust God to provide for our needs. Pray for me, won’t you? Pray for His perfect peace to permeate my soul; pray that I can maintain tunnel vision in regards to this decision, that the critics on the sidelines will quiet with time and I will no longer see or hear their distractions. For what is waiting on the other side will be much sweeter and more fulfilling than I could possibly imagine!

County Fair Fun

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I really think Hudson thought he was driving that little Jeep. They had an absolute blast at our local fair last night. They got to see cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, goats, and pigs. Hudson wanted nothing to do with the pigs and refused to walk by them. But everyone left exhausted and happy!

Three Special Mornings

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I’ve been reflecting on this pregnancy a lot this past weekend. If I let myself, I can get a little overwhelmed at the thought of having a four-year-old, an almost-two-year-old, and a newborn. While I know its going to be a busy and stretching few years, I also know that our lives are going to be richly blessed by the new addition. And this baby seems to be making his or her presence more known every day by the movements within my own body. There is nothing I love more than feeling the small rolls, kicks, and stretches of a new little life; I don’t think that it is something I could ever take for granted, no matter how many children I had. I’ve being thinking and reflecting on my three babies, the days that we found out that they’d be joining our family, and how each one was so special and unique in their own way.

Devyn Paige
When Jon and I decided to start trying for children, I did all the research about the available insurance plans, I talked to my doctor about trying to conceive, I took the suggested vitamins, etc. I had all my t’s crossed and my i’s dotted, a plan was in place, and we were ready to roll. We were lucky that it didn’t take us long at all to conceive, but it felt like forever. That cycle I started testing as soon as I could and was starting to get discouraged by all the negative results. By that last morning, I was fed up and was certain that it hadn’t happened this cycle. I went into the bathroom and grudgingly took out the pregnancy test, knowing that it too was going to be negative. At this point, I was just ready for the next cycle to start and was getting a little upset that it was taking its time coming. I finished up and sat on the toilet as I waited for the test results to appear in the window, again so sure that I was about to get my negative result. Instead, a light, faint second pink line appeared and my heart jumped into my chest. Granted, you had to tilt the stick just right and squint with one eye but there was a line!! I bounced on Jon, who was still fast asleep at 6:00 in the morning to shove the stick under his nose and ask him if he saw the same line I did. His need to keep us on earth did little to curb my own enthusiasm, I was that sure of that faint pink line. And nine months later Miss Devyn Paige came into the world!

Hudson Jonathan
My sisters and I are two years and three months apart (with the exception of Courtney Nicole who came two years and five months after Allison) and Jon and his older brother Josh were the same age apart, so that time frame sounded good to us! Prior to the month we wanted to start trying, I went through our list. Vitamins, check… insurances, check… little t-shirt announcing Devyn was going to be a big sister, check…and when Devyn Paige turned 18 months old, we started trying for our next one. This time around I was little more patient as I waited to test and didn’t waste stick after stick. I carefully watched for any little signs or symptoms and catalogued them in my little brain. The day before I tested, I was a bridesmaid in my friend, Marianne’s, wedding. There we were on a hot June day, standing out in the sun taking pictures and chasing Devyn around the grounds of the church. It was then that I first noticed that I was a little dizzy and breathless. After pictures we were treated to a nice lunch at the Olive Garden with the bride, groom, the rest of the bridal party, and their families. I sat at the table, felt my heart beating much faster than normal and ate much more than I usually do. I knew in that moment what a test had not yet confirmed, I was pregnant. The next morning, I couldn’t wait any longer and I pulled out the test. I was right! I was determined that this time around, I’d tell Jon in a special way, no stick shoving in his face. But that resolve did not last long and Jon was told over a quick bite at Burger King. The smile that spread across his face was so worth not being able to wait.

Baby #3 - Folks, we have our “BIG” ultrasound in three weeks. If we still do not know what we’re having after that ultrasound, I have decided that I need a new name to call this one until they arrive. Baby #3 is a little mundane and boring, don't you think?
And then there is Baby #3. Honestly, Baby, we were hoping for you and we were praying about you, but the thought never crossed my mind that you would come without my usual preparations and planning. But obviously, God had other plans! I honestly, truly never thought that I was pregnant. I never had any signs or symptoms, but then again, I wasn’t looking for any either. Looking back on that time, there was some light cramping off and on the week before, but nothing to raise a red flag. My sister, Christine, was the one who encouraged me to buy a pregnancy test and I did it on a whim, as a way to convince both Christine and myself that I wasn’t. The test went into the grocery cart without a thought. As Jon, the kids, and I made our way out to the car with our cart full of groceries, I do remember thinking, “How weird would it be to be pregnant right now? We’d already be a family of five.” That night I exchanged text messages with Christine and reassured Jon that I really wasn’t pregnant as the cramping was getting stronger and I was sure to start any day now. The rest of the story you all know… I woke the next morning, took the test to reassure us all, and handed the stick to Hudson without even looking at the results. Now when Jon and I look back on that morning, we think this may have been the most enjoyable way to find out we were pregnant because it was a surprise to all of us.

Three mornings, three positive tests, and our lives were never the same. We are so incredibly thankful for our blessings and certainly wouldn’t change a thing about the circumstances of each. All three were very much wanted and all three mornings will forever be etched in my mind as special memories. As this baby continues to grow and move within me, I find myself getting more anxious to meet him or her. And I find myself wondering what God has planned for this little life that is our “surprise”.

I am a lucky girl! And miscellaneous.

Friday, August 01, 2008 1 Comments A+ a-

I have a good man and I know it! I don't praise nearly as often as I should but God is slowly showing me how I need to slow down and appreciate the small things that Jon does for me every day. And appreciate them!
  • In not-such-a-small-way, last month Jon survived a twelve-hour day stuck at an airport with both a preschooler and a toddler. I, myself, would not have managed as well as he did and I'm sure he earned Father of the Year from that day. My favorite story from his day was when he took Devyn to the bathroom for a potty break. He had just gotten her situated on the toilet when he turned around to find Hudson missing. Suddenly the guy next to him asked, "Hey! You missing something?!" Yep, Hudson had crawled under the partition into the next stall. Whoops!
  • Yesterday I was complaining of a horrible, pounding headache. I tend to get them every time pregnant from the fluctuating hormones. I'm only allowed to take Tylenol and unfortunately, there was none to be found. Within five minutes, Jon showed up with a bottle of Tylenol! How awesome is he?!
  • And today, while I finish some things at work, he and the kids have gone ahead to set-up camp for us all. I just have to complete some duties, get in the car, and join them for our camping and fishing trip. He thought of, and did, everything himself! He cleaned out the camper, went shopping for and packed the food, and is now entertaining the munchkins at camp. I can't wait to get up there and join them!
Miscellaneous Items:
  • I have been following the story of Chandler and the trial of his step-father in the Rocky Mountain News. Oh, it makes me sad, so very sad for this 7-year-old boy and I can't help but think we, as a society, failed him; failed to keep him safe, failed to keep him innocent, failed to keep him alive. I will never understand how some people can treat young children this way, it's beyond my comprehension.
  • I have two prayer requests for you all. One is for Mark and Beka. Hers is not a blog I've read regularly but you all know how infertility and miscarriage are held close to my heart. When a blog I do regularly read asked for prayers for their early pregnancy, I took notice and I pray that you'll join me praying for their little one. The second is the Mck-Family as they face an uncertain future with their unborn son, Stellan. She is 24 weeks pregnant and is facing constant hills and valleys with varying news about how Stellan is doing. Please join me praying for their whole family.
  • And lastly, I would highly suggest that if you come from a family of four girls, do NOT have two of them pregnant and another getting married at the same time. It can be a volatile time of pregnancy hormones and high emotions. Don't get me wrong, we are thrilled and happy for each other but let's just say we've had our moments! =)