Such a Charming Date

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 4 Comments A+ a-

I woke around 4:30 this morning. Correction, I was woken around 4:30 this morning by a little girl who couldn’t go back to sleep. I took her hand and led her back to bed, where we both cuddled together under the covers on her tiny, twin-sized bed. I tucked her against my side and rubbed her back until she fell asleep. I wanted to go back to sleep, I yearned to return to my deep slumber, but alas, I couldn’t. I gave up around 5:30, made my way downstairs to the computer, googled (when did that become a verb?) various topics, and worked on my Blurb book. Just as Jon was leaving for work, I made my way back upstairs to find gorgeous weather and the sound of birds chirping outside. I smiled to myself, it was going to be one of *those* kinds of spring mornings; the kind where I could drive around with music blaring, the sun roof open, windows down; the kind of day that was meant to draw people outdoors.

I rushed through my morning routine, hurriedly dressed the kids for the day, and before I knew it we were in the van heading to my parents’ house. Wednesdays usually consist of a lazy pace because my mom will pick Devyn up for their weekly BSF bible study around 8:30 and Hudson and I have the rest of the morning to ourselves. But this particular Wednesday I felt a need to be outside. Hudson and I dropped Devyn off at Nana’s house, thus saving Nana a trip, and headed to Jon’s job. Hudson and Devyn love visiting Jon at his place of employment, and quite frankly, the rough edged guys that he works with love having the kids visit. Today was no different as Hudson toddled between big trucks and big guys, who all turn to mush at the sight of my babies. We waved goodbye and were on our way to a more intimate morning.

I hurriedly returned library books and filled the tank with gas. And then, of its own accord, the van steered itself towards Sonic where I decided that while we there, Hudson and I may as well have a mother-son date. We shared tator tots and a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich; I enjoyed my soda while Hudson slurped on milk. (Gotta to be a little healthy, right?) We had a great conversation about life and we shared concerns on the political issues that are currently facing our country. Of course, that conversation was a little one-sided as he was too distracted by the knobs and levers on the dashboard. But the date wasn’t a total wash as each time he shared his impish grin with me, I fell a little deeper in love with my boy.

After a quick run-in, run-out at King Soopers, we decided to walk through the shopping center nearby. We were in no hurry, as we had nowhere to be. I felt my heart lighten as I looked down at our intertwined hands, amazed that just fourteen months later, my heart could so inexplicably be consumed by another human being. I was in awe as he toddled across streets by himself, hand in mine, completely unaware of how my heart constricted each time a car was a little slow to stop for our crossing. I watched as he approached each tree, each person, each dog, or park bench that we passed with the same delight and joy. I laughed as he stopped, listened to the music playing from the outdoor speakers, began head-bopping to the beat. And I was unable to say no when his eyes pleaded with mine for a sip of my mocha frappuchino from Starbucks.

Oh, it was a good date; it was wonderful to get that one-one time with my little man. How did I ever get so lucky with such beautiful, engaging, loving babes?!

[And on the weather front, despite temperatures being the seventies today, we’re expecting snow tomorrow; such is the life of living in this state.]

Jumbled Thoughts

Monday, April 28, 2008 3 Comments A+ a-

  • Mother’s Day is coming up, in less than two weeks to be exact. Jon and the kids are “buying” me a book, a very special book. I’m turning my blog (all entries from 2007) into a printed and bound book, courtesy of Blurb. I’m having so much fun playing with templates, photos, colors, etc. But it is time consuming! I spent two hours on it last night and only got through January! Yikes! I’m so excited though, I’ve wanted to do this for quite some time.

  • Have you guys checked out Wendy’s blog recently? She’s currently doing a photo project where she’s trying to post one picture a day from their daily life. I’ve so enjoyed it and I think I’m going to try and do the same during the month of May. I’ll probably have some more “meatier” posts sprinkled throughout but I just love the idea of trying to capture our daily lives via pictures.

  • Do you remember when I talked about the busy weekend I had planned; visiting with dear friends, a haircut for Hudson, and a bridal show? Well, we all got sick! It was bad, and we had to cancel everything! In fact, Hudson still hasn’t had his first haircut yet and he needs it badly! It’s a good thing he has curly hair, so it looks much shorter than it actually is. We’ve had to cancel weekend plans for four weeks in a row because one of the kids has always come down with something. I guess being a parent equals self-sacrifice (or something like that).

  • I’m really excited for this upcoming weekend! My mom, my sister, Christine, my Aunt Lucia, my cousin, Colette, and I are all heading to a Beth Moore conference. I am so jazzed and excited about being in the midst of several thousand women, all praising our Lord, and getting to hear one of my favorite teachers in person. I’m so excited and anxious to hear how God speaks to my heart this weekend. And yes, all fingers and toes are crossed that the kids stay healthy.

  • Dad (Jon) gets it pretty easy this weekend as Aunt “Ney” (my sister, Courtney) and Devyn have a fun date weekend planned, just the two of them. I believe there’s a movie and ice cream involved, right Court? There is a special bond there between aunt and niece; and most times Devyn prefers “Ney” to me. Oh well, revenge will be mine when Courtney becomes a mother and her little ones prefer Aunt Jenny.

My "Live Wire"

Thursday, April 24, 2008 8 Comments A+ a-

I did a thesaurus check on "extrovert" and one of the options that came up was "live wire". I couldn't pass it up...

It’s amazing watching the differences come out in my children, and I’m not referring to the obvious gender differences. I’m referring to personalities. While Devyn is timid, shy, and introverted, Hudson is outgoing and extremely extroverted.

Case in Point #1: Hudson will lean out of his seat in the cart at any store to ensure that a passerby will see his smiling face and friendly wave. Its amazing to see this little person take such joy out of making others, even complete strangers, smile. And who can help but smile at his mischievous grin?

Case in Point #2: We were at the dentist’s office last week for Devyn’s first check-up. As I was filling out the appropriate new patient paperwork, an older gentleman in his sixties walked in. Without qualm, without hesitation, Hudson walked up to the man (a man who did not resemble anyone in our family) and held up his arms to be picked up. Chuckling, the older man picked him and planted Hudson on his hips. When I tried to retrieve my son, Hudson buried his face in the older man’s neck and would not let go. Imagine the horror I felt that Hudson preferred a stranger over his own mother! Again the man chuckled, told me that as long as I didn’t care, he was fine with holding Hudson.

Case in Point #3: At any park, any play place, Hudson is the first to interact with children. At one indoor play place, Hudson walked up to a little boy about four years old. This boy was obviously feeling sad about something, just lying on the floor in the midst of running children. Hudson sat next to him, laid his head on the boy’s back, and offered whatever companionship he could at the age of one. Within minutes, the two of them were running around the play place together.

I think it’s great that Devyn and Hudson are so opposite each other in that regard; I think they’ll be a great balance for each other. He’ll offer the daredevil, where she’d normally hold back. And she’ll offer the reservations, when he wouldn’t think twice. At least, I hope that’s what happens in the years to come. I know that chances are, more often than not, one will lead the other right into trouble. But a mother can dream, right?

Not Just Sugar and Spice

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 5 Comments A+ a-

I turned around the other day to find a little girl in my midst… it broke my heart a little. Devyn is quite obviously no longer a baby, no longer a toddler, and is now a preschooler on the verge of girlhood. I have to stop and ask myself when this happened and how it happened without one, my knowledge and two, my permission. But oh, what a joy, it is to see her growing and changing into this little person that God has called her to be.

Last week, at her speech therapy session, Miss Deb tested Devyn again. I’m happy to report that Devyn is now testing at her age-level; Jon and I couldn’t be happier about it. The progress she’s made is evident in every conversation we have with her, be it on the phone or in person. She says words that I had no idea she knew, words are said much clearer, and our phone conversations are so very sweet. There are times that she’ll call me in the afternoons, just to chat and catch me up on the goings-on at Papa and Nana’s house. These conversations are most always instigated by her, Aunt Alli or Nana just dialing the numbers for her.

She is still my shy, timid child; the one who hides her face behind my legs upon meeting new people. She is the one that watches in both amusement and dismay as Hudson lifts his arms to complete strangers, asking to be held. She is the one who is hesitant upon all things new. But as soon as she defines something as safe, watch out, as she can be loud, she can be adventurous, and she can be hyper. She is still incredibly cuddly, often asking to be held or wanting to sit on my lap. She is still an amazing big sister; taking joy out of making Hudson laugh, being the first to offer comfort if he’s sad or hurt, and being extremely patient as Hudson figures out his limitations and boundaries as a brother with a mind of his own.

Most of all, my girl has such a balance in her life:

  • She has no problem climbing atop a dirt pile and playing for hours; not only unmindful of how dirty she’s getting, but welcoming it.

  • Yet, she’s the first to get dressed up (in church or play clothes), and preen for her daddy.

  • She loves watching bugs and constantly tells me how much she likes snakes and spiders.

  • Yet she grabs the nail polish, brings it to me, and begs to have her toenails painted.

  • She’s the first to race Papa in foot races, yet is always up for a dance with Daddy, Bobo, or Mommy.

  • She knows the names of Daddy’s tools and often tells me whether I need to use a hammer or a screwdriver.

  • Yet she knows the “tools” that Mommy has too, and often asks for lipstick or blush.

  • She’s the first to ask Daddy if he needs help in the garage; yet she loves to help “bake” too.

All in all, she is a well-rounded little girl and is such a light in our family. While I may not embrace the “threes” as readily as I did the “twos”, it is amazing to watch her assert her likes, dislikes, and independence. My baby girl is surely growing up.

Busy, Busy Bee

Sunday, April 20, 2008 8 Comments A+ a-

I've been busy turning this house into a home. Now that I'm feeling so much better and that the old "me" has returned, I've been able to focus more on making this house a cozy place for us to love and call "home". That means... ta-da... painting and decorating. (Which it turns out, is something I enjoy after all, who knew?) So without further ado, and with help from Melissa at Home Chatter (thank you Melissa!), some glimpses into the projects I've completed.

And again, I'm sorry for the grainy-quality of these photos. Our digital camera is in the truck and Jon's not home right now, so my phone camera had to do in a pinch.

This is the high wall that I referred to in this post. Our intention is to paint all the walls in the living room this warm brown color but we're tackling one wall at a time. We love this color!

This is the wall at the end of our hallway; its the same color as the wall in the living room. I love this saying that we put on there (courtesy of Home Chatter).

This is the wall above Hudson's changing table; I wanted something unique and different. So I bought 3-$1.50 frames from Walmart and painted a background on the wall.

And this is the wall above Hudson's crib, again courtesy of Home Chatter. I am absolutely thrilled with the way this has turned out. In fact, I walk in his room several times a day just to check it out.

Now it's on to Devyn's room and the master bedroom. Slowly but surely this house is becoming ours.

I Have No Words

Friday, April 18, 2008 10 Comments A+ a-

Before I get started, I need to clarify a few terms:

Open Enrollment – A time which employees can make changes to their insurances, without needing a family status change (i.e., death, birth, marriage, divorce, etc.)

Fiscal Year – Some companies operate under a fiscal year, which is different than a calendar year. For example, October – September.

Deductible – The amount of money an employee (or family member) must spend before insurance kicks in and starts paying for medical costs.

Premium – The amount of money the employee pays each month for insurance coverage.

Coinsurance – The amount of money the insurance company will pay AFTER the deductible has been met.

Since Jon’s job operates on a fiscal year (July – June), their Open Enrollment is right now. We just got word that they’re no longer going to offer the plan that we currently have but have assured us that they’re offering something “comparable”. Their comparable plan will cost us a higher premium ($250 more a month to be precise), while offering fewer benefits (we’ve never had a deductible or coinsurance before).

I have no words to describe the outrage I’m feeling right now. And this, friends, is why we can't afford for me to be a full-time, stay-at-home mom. I really hate insurance sometimes!!

Edited to add: I was really hoping you'd be able to open the chart up to get a better look at it. But for the comparable plan it will cost us (the employee) $764.68 per month for Employee + Children coverage. To cover the entire family, it would cost us $1,324.56 per month. Grrrr!!

I Can't

Thursday, April 17, 2008 3 Comments A+ a-

The kids are asleep, Jon is zoning out to the news, and its the perfect opportunity to get some writing done for my book. [That's right, I'm writing a book.] I'm at a very critical part in the book and I can't bring myself to write it. "Why?" you ask. Because I'm already emotionally vested in these characters and I know that what I'm about to write is going to take a lot out of me. I'm sure you're all thinking I'm crazy right now, and I probably am, but its true. I know I should stop procrastinating (i.e., writing this post, visiting other blogs, etc.) and pour myself into it... but I can't.

Little Brown Handprint

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 9 Comments A+ a-

Spring tends to bring out the cleaner in me; there’s just something about the warm air and budding trees that drives me to organize, to clean, and rid my house of the stagnant air that has circulated for months. Last night I cleaned our kitchen, giving it a good mopping, when I noticed the small handprint on the wall. ‘I have got to get that repainted,’ I thought to myself. But then a smile came to my lips as I thought of what led to that little handprint.

I’ve been nesting, doing all of the things that I’ve wanted to do since we moved in over eight months ago, but these were things that were put on the wayside while I dealt with post-partum depression. Nowadays, Jon watches in awe as I drag out the paint chips, decide on a color, and paint with gusto. One morning, I decided to tackle the tallest wall in our living room. I edged everything with tape, put down the plastic to protect the carpet, and took painstaking steps to ensure that no paint would land where I did not want it to go. Yet despite all the care I took, I forgot to factor in little hands, curious minds, and a desire to “help mama”.

I cringed each time Hudson stuck his little hand on the wall, unmindful and unaware of the paint that was still wet. I gasped as I maneuvered paint brushes and paint cans out of the way, ever mindful that I was creating an environment too tempting for children to resist. Then I had an epiphany and I put unused paint brushes and rollers in the hands of my little ones. I painted my wall with little interruption while Devyn and Hudson “painted” the wall opposite mine. I remember laughing as Hudson would switch between Devyn’s wall and my own, always eager to lend a helping hand. They giggled and snickered as they “painted” each other; they rolled with laughter every time I gave a mock gasp of shock over their “painted” faces and hair. It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning.

It was as I was cleaning up that I noticed the little brown handprint that decorated the kitchen wall; a handprint of a little boy who was oh, about that height, and oblivious to the paint that stuck to his hand. I didn’t freak out; I just knew that when I repainted my own mistakes, I would have to repaint that wall as well.

But as I was reflecting on that handprint during my mopping last night, I made a decision. The handprint was going to stay put, there will be no repainting over that “mistake”. Our house is not for show, it is not used to impress family and friends. Our house is a home, sheltering each other and our little ones; it is a home where laughter is shared and memories created. 10 years from now when Hudson is bigger than me, I’ll look down at that little handprint and remember when.

Go, Devyn, Go!

Monday, April 14, 2008 5 Comments A+ a-

My little munchkin on the lift.
Uncle Josh and Uncle Brock helping her get ready for the first run.
Uncle Josh helping Devyn down the mountain.

It finally happened! Jon’s brothers, Josh and Brock, have been on my case to allow Devyn to go skiing with them from the time she could walk. I kid you not! You should have seen the looks of disbelief every time I told them they had to wait until she was three-years-old. They scoffed and pleaded, promising to take good care of her, but I was firm. I am, after all, the mommy.

Over the Easter weekend, we trekked up to Vail and met at Josh’s apartment for a day of skiing. I decided to not go with them at the last minute, as I didn’t have a babysitter for Hudson. When we rented her skis for the day, the owner of the shop warned us that most kids Devyn’s age will only ski for a half-hour tops. Jon and the guys were prepared; I warned them to listen to Devyn and not to rush her. Then Hudson and I returned to Josh’s apartment and waited for the phone call to pick her up.

A half went by, an hour went by, and then that turned into three hours. By that time Hudson and I were hungry and we ran to McDonald’s. While at McDonald’s, I got a call that Devyn was finally done skiing and was ready to be picked up. My little skier girl loved being on the mountain and enjoyed the three and a half hour run with her daddy, her Papa Dave, and her uncles. She’s already asking to go back for more!

My hunk all ready to go! Devyn and Daddy on their turn down the mountain.

All done for the day!

Growing Into Me

Sunday, April 13, 2008 10 Comments A+ a-

Its going to be a busy week on the blog; I know it because I have a lot to say. For those that just come for the pictures, I have some fun ones coming up this week so stay tuned. But for tonight, I have to focus on something that has been building up within the past few weeks.

For so long, I have dreaded the big 3-0. Now granted, I have another year and a half to go before I hit that big milestone but for the first time, I'm no longer dreading it. Because I have a feeling that my thirties are going to be ten times better than my twenties.

I realized lately that I'm growing into myself. Most of my twenties has been spent trying to fit into one niche or another; the college coed, the working woman, the dating couple, the engaged couple, the newlywed, the newly pregnant, the new mama, the working mom, etc. I've been trying to figure out who I am, where I fit in, and how to keep everyone happy. For so long, I've tried to see how I fit into this life and that, my friends, is tiring.

However, something has happened within the past few weeks and I find myself blooming. I'm not sure if its "awakening" from the post-partum depression stupor that I've been in for the past year, or if I'm just getting comfortable in my own skin. Regardless, I am happy with who I am; I find that I'm no longer making apologies for anything; and I'm relishing in the gifts that God has given me. I am can handle some things; I can do an okay job with others; but there are some things I excel at and gosh-darn it, I'm proud of those things.

This may seem like such a superficial post, perhaps even prideful. But I just can't explain the freedom I'm feeling at this moment, relishing in who I am. I have gifts, gifts that I've been given for a reason. Those gifts create an identity outside of being a sister, a friend, a daughter, Jon's wife, or Devyn and Hudson's mother. It's an identity all my own. Do you know how awesome it is to know that God put His fingerprint on my life?! That I am exactly who God has made me to be?! He makes no mistakes; He makes only masterpieces. And with the that knowledge, I can only use ME to reflect God's glory. Oh, what a magnificent God I serve!

Yes, I think the 30's are going to be amazing! I have a feeling its going to be the most freeing and growing time in my life. My only thought is... bring it on!!

Friday Funnies

Friday, April 11, 2008 3 Comments A+ a-

Engagement Photos

Thursday, April 10, 2008 5 Comments A+ a-

My sister, Courtney, and her fiance, Jeremy, had their engagement photos taken last Saturday. They are an incredibly photogenic couple! Bob, is the photographer and the father of my dear friend, Kamma; we hung out so much as children that her parents became my second family. I even think I freaked Jeremy's mom out a little when I called Bob "Dad" yesterday at the appointment. (No, Julie, I swear I don't call stranger men "Dad".) Didn't he do an incredible job?!

I got so teary watching this slide show; I know I'm going to be a wreck at the wedding. It's surreal; my baby sister is getting married!!

Like Father, Like Son

Thursday, April 10, 2008 4 Comments A+ a-

I came into the bedroom to find Jon and Hudson sleeping in the exact same position; left arm under their head and the right arm thrown over their face. Think they're related?! (Sorry for the grainy quality of the photo; my phone camera had to do in a pinch.)

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Tuesday, April 08, 2008 6 Comments A+ a-

I've been in training the past couple of days, two full days in a row... and my kids and I are reminded how thankful we are for me to be part-time. Yikes, I forgot what those days are like! Yesterday was an incredible training involving graphic design, colors, fonts, photos, graphics, etc. and I! I'm so jazzed to return to work and get started on recreating some employee booklets, fliers, brochures, and the like.

Then today's training class was titled "I'm Juggling As Fast As I Can". You can probably guess what this class was about; the title made me smile and I knew that I had to take it!! It was a good class, an okay class, but the best part came when the trainer asked us to write down what five things would go unfinished if we were to die tomorrow. Granted, I'm sure I'd be way too excited to be spending some face time with my Lord to care about the unfinished business on earth, but here were my answers.

1) Growing old with Jon - I have spent over 10 years with my husband; we have both changed immensely in those 10 years and I can't imagine not getting to spend the next 50 or 60 years with him. I want to see him in his old age; I want to laugh at the same jokes; I want to cry over the same memories; I want to wake up when I'm 75 and see his face next to mine. Honestly, I would miss growing old with him.

2) Watching Devyn and Hudson grow into adults - This is something else I would hate to miss. I want to see what talents and gifts God has bestowed on my babies; I want to see personalities grow and change; I want to be there for the days that they accept Jesus as their own personal, Lord and Savior; I want to be there for baptisms, first dates, dances, youth group all-nighters, graduations, birthdays, weddings, and the births of my grandchildren. I want to be there for all of their memories.

3) Seeing my sisters as mothers - Oh my sisters, my girls, I don't write about them nearly as often as I should, especially with how much time I spend with them. They are all beautiful women, inside and out. I am so proud to be their sister and so thankful to call them friends. And I know each of them is going to be an incredible mommy someday. And I want to be here to witness the moment they fall head over heels for a baby no bigger than a flour sack. Plus, I want to be the "cool" aunt and I would miss all of that if I were to die tomorrow.

4) There was something listed here but I already forgot it. Hmmmm... maybe a memorization training class should be next.

5) Finishing my book - Yes, that's right. There have been a select few that know that I've been writing a book these past couple of months. I swore them all to secrecy because *gasp* what if I never get published? How humiliating that would be! But you know what? I've decided I no longer care. I'm putting this, my most secret, private dream, out there for the world to see. I've wanted to publish a book since I was a little girl; seeing all those shiny, pretty covers in the library and I hoped to see mine there someday. Why haven't I done this before now? Because I was (and still am) afraid of failure. But I've decided that if I'm to tell my children they can achieve anything they want in this world, as long as they try, then I might as well take my own advice. And if I never get it published, then in the words of my sister, Courtney, "You will still have written a book" and that, my friends, means I tried.

So there you have it, my list of things that would go unfinished if I were to die tomorrow. And my most fervent, secret dream. Now you all will have to hold me accountable to actually finish it...

Zoning Out

Friday, April 04, 2008 11 Comments A+ a-

While this picture might look all sentimental and sweet, don't be fooled. We're both so sick that we're just zoning out to television. But I do love having an excuse to cuddle with my little guy... snot-covered nose and all.

I Should've Knocked on Wood

Thursday, April 03, 2008 6 Comments A+ a-

I should know better than to mention sick on this blog. That's right... now Hudson, Devyn, and I are all out for the count! And it came on fast; all within two hours of each other. Ugh! I'm so ready for spring and good weather. This crud has got to go!


While the above is said partly in seriousness and partly in jest, Jennisa brought to my attention the story of Audrey Caroline. Reading this story certainly puts proper perspective on the small things that we're dealing with (like having sickness in the house, etc.) and reminds me to be thankful for the things that I've been blessed with. Audrey's mother, Angie, is dealing with the greatest heartache a mother should never have to deal with and I love how real, how transparent, and how open she is during this time in her life. Please visit her blog, Bring on the Rain, pray for them, and be awed how God is using their story!

This, That, and the Other

Wednesday, April 02, 2008 3 Comments A+ a-

Devyn has discovered a new word in her vocabulary and its one that makes me smile. We were at Walmart the other day and had wandered down a particular aisle. As I was perusing the frames on one side of the aisle, Devyn was checking out the clocks on the other. One clock in particular caught her eye.
”Mommy? I need this.”

I looked over to where she was standing and she was pointing to a Cinderella clock; it was very elaborate and even included Cinderella’s castle.

Again she said, “Mommy, Mommy, I NEED this!” Really child? You NEED a clock; one that you can’t even read? Not to mention that you don’t even understand the concept of time yet.

She clasped her hands together and held them to her chest (I kid you not, the child is headed for acting of some kind), “Please, Mommy, please?! I really need this.”

Suffice it to say that we did not leave with the Cinderella clock, much to Devyn’s dismay. But I have a new appreciation for the word “need” and I find myself trying to set an example between our needs and wants. A great reminder how I use the word myself, huh?


We took Hudson swimming for the first time over the weekend. He so enjoys his time in the tub with Devyn and it’s a struggle to pull him out every time. I really thought he’d take to swimming with no problems. And he did… at first.

I wasn’t getting in but Jon was going to take turns with the kids. I did however, sit on the side, near the steps, and held on to Hudson for dear life. He was ecstatic about being in the water; constantly splashing me and testing his limits. (No surprise there!)

When Jon first took Hudson out into the deeper parts of the pool, again he was having the time of his life! He was splashing and kicking in the water, laughing hysterically with Jon. Jon was even able to put Hudson on his back and he was fine with it.

However, the problems started when Jon returned him to me. Jon left him on the steps with me and returned to the deeper section. It was when Jon decided to head underwater that Hudson freaked out! I’m not talking a few tears here; I’m saying that they were full-fledged “I’m-terrified-and-do-not-like-my-daddy-underwater” cries. He was even a bit wild-eyed, certain that Jon wasn’t going to return to the surface.

Hudson became so scared that he clutched at me and would not dare go back in the pool. I think it might be time for swimming lessons, don’t you agree?


Jon is currently sick; he’s been battling a head cold for almost a week now. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the stresses of the past couple of weeks, so I’m not really surprised. But it’s hard work being Mom and Nursemaid at the same time. And dear, sweet Devyn has taken to informing me that she’s, “… sick, Mommy, I’m sick.” She’ll even add a cough here and there for special effects. (Did I not already mention her acting skills?)

When my mom picked Devyn up this morning for their weekly bible study, Devyn was quick to inform “Nana” just how sick she was. But when I asked her if she needed to stay home from church and preschool today, she responded with a quick “No”. So Hudson and I kissed her good-bye and sent them on their way.

Imagine my surprise when there was a knock on my door about five minutes later. I looked out the window to see Devyn standing there and my mom at the end of the walkway. I opened the door and Devyn informed me, “I need medicine, Mommy.” I looked at my mom, who shrugged and said, “She won’t leave without getting some medicine first.”

I can’t remember a time that I bit my tongue so hard to keep from laughing. I looked at my daughter, who was so intent on receiving medicine for an illness she didn’t have, and asked if a vitamin would suffice. She nodded her head and I ran to the kitchen for a Flintstones Toddler vitamin. Apparently it was enough to appease her and she finally got into the car with my mom.


All in all, life is going pretty swimmingly around here. Even in spite of all the stresses of last week, what with the funeral, dealing with grief, getting time off, and celebrating Jon’s birthday, I am doing really well. I have not had any feelings of anxiety or being overwhelmed or of depression; I really think this is the best I’ve felt in over a year. Praise God! It’s amazing how everything just clicks together when the hormones are balanced out.

We have a packed weekend ahead.

Hudson is in dire need of a haircut… badly! I’ve lost count of how many times he’s been mistaken for a girl, even in spite of his boyish, blue clothes. And yesterday he looked as though he was sporting a mullet. I swear it was the way he slept on it but mullets just aren’t even an option in this house, so off to the barber’s we go. I’m sure I’ll be misty-eyed but even I have to admit that it’s time.

I’m also spending Saturday with a dear friend, her little girl, my kiddos, two strollers, and the outdoor shopping mall here. I haven’t seen her in forever and I know it’ll be wonderful to catch up with her.

Then Sunday will find Devyn and I, along with my sisters and Mom, and about three or four hundred other brides at a local bridal show. With the luck my sister has, I’m sure she’s bound to win a prize or two. We’ll see…

I am so counting down the days to our fun weekend!