Patience, Anyone?!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007 6 Comments A+ a-

I learned this little ditty as a child; don’t ask me who sings it, I simply can’t think back that far. I find myself singing it to our little Munchkin whenever I notice a meltdown on the way, or whenever she’s demanding something.

“Have patience, have patience;
Don’t be in such a hurry.
When you get impatient,
You only start to worry.
Remember… remember,
That God has patience too.
So, think of all the times
When others had to wait for you!”

This morning, Devyn was throwing a fit because I just wasn’t moving fast enough for her; she wanted cuddle time with Mommy and Curious George. So I started singing the above tune while I continued getting ready for the day.

Then it hit me; those words should probably be directed at me. (Sometimes it sucks when you’re trying to teach your child a lesson, and you learn it instead!) I am so anxious and so ready for Hudson’s arrival that I’ve grown increasingly impatient, which as the song states, just leads to worrying. I really am trying my hardest to be patient and enjoy these last moments, but it feels like a never-ending, inner-battle.

I’m going to be humming the above ditty a lot these next few days…

Belly Pics - Take 6

Monday, January 29, 2007 20 Comments A+ a-

At my doctor appointment on Friday, I realized how very close to the end of this pregnancy I am. My hormones seem to have hit their all-time high and I’m crying at the drop of the hat; even when I’m mad. For example, when I still hadn’t been called back to an exam room 25 minutes after my initial appointment time, I made Jon go up to the front desk to ask how much longer it would be. I was afraid for the nice ladies behind the desk and how I would have come across if I had done the asking myself. By the time Jon came back with an answer of approximately 10 minutes, I immediately starting crying. Don’t ask me why… I really couldn’t tell you, I just sat there and tried to dry my tears as fast as possible.

My weight gain seems to have hit a plateau with 31 pounds; I really haven’t gained much weight within the past few weeks and quite frankly, I’m more than ok with it. Once in the appointment, I asked Dr. Susie how long she’d make me wait before inducing me. (Remember, I went 10 days overdue with Devyn and I just don’t think I want to do that again.) I’m a planner, I like knowing there’s a plan in place. I wasn’t asking to be induced any time soon, I just wanted to know what to expect. But Dr. Susie said that she wouldn’t even consider having that discussion at only 37+ weeks pregnant. While I understood her position, it still made me cry and again, I really don’t know why. Stupid hormones!

At the end of the appointment (and if any male relatives or friends are still reading at this point, they may want to stop... don’t say you weren’t warned), Dr. Susie performed the first internal exam of this pregnancy. I was extremely surprised, and happy, to hear that I’m already dilated to 2cm and am 50% effaced. The surprise came from the fact that I was NEVER more than a fingertip dilated and 25% effaced during my whole pregnancy with Devyn. Happy, happy, joy, joy! I spent the rest of Friday night and Saturday day and night in false labor. Again, I was in tears. I pleaded with God to either make the contractions stop or let me go into actual labor. However, as you can see, I’m still here, still pregnant, and it doesn’t look like I’m going anywhere, any time soon.

At this point, I’m really just trying to enjoy these last few days alone with Devyn and enjoy these last few days pregnant with my second child. As uncomfortable as I might be, I know that I’ll never get this time back and I’m doing my best to delight in each moment, each day.

18 weeks pregnant.
22 weeks pregnant.
26 weeks pregnant.
30 weeks pregnant.
34 weeks pregnant.
38 weeks pregnant.

Date Night!!

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A couple of months ago, my sisters Christine and Courtney had this bright idea that we needed to have a quad-date before Hudson's arrival. Since Allie and Drew have only been together a year, we have yet to have a four-couple date and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to have a special date.

Christine and Courtney put a lot of planning and effort into making the evening special. Normally, I would have helped more with everything, but seeing as how I'm towards the end of this pregnancy, I just have NO energy. Christine and Courtney did the planning, the shopping, and then we all got together a few hours beforehand and made the meal together. [Correction: Christine, Allie, and Courtney made the dinner; I sat around, watched them, and sampled the dishes.] They made a spinach and artichoke dip with bread and a crab-cheese dip with crackers for the appetizers; this incredble chicken and broccoli pasta and ceasear salad for the dinner; and the most decadent chocolate cakes for dessert!! Yummy!!

Christine, Allison, and Courtney hard at work in the kitchen.
Another shot of the three girls doing their "tha-ng".
Here's me, doing what I do best right now... napping.
This is appetizer table, set up and ready for the guys arrival.
The dessert table, with the best chocolate cakes I've ever had!
The beautifully decorated table; complete with Christine and Caleb's wedding china!
Courtney and her boyfriend of four years, Jeremy.
Allison and Drew, they're getting ready to celebrate their one-year anniversary.
Christine and Caleb, were best friends for years before getting married almost two years ago.
Jon and I; high school sweethearts and still in love nine years later.

Friday Funnies

Friday, January 26, 2007 6 Comments A+ a-

Since I seem to have a mind-block going on (and I am blaming the pregnancy for this), I just wanted to post some funny jokes that were sent to me via email. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy!!

Fears, Hopes, and Truths

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 12 Comments A+ a-

As my due date draws continuously closer, I find myself in a state of reflection, often wavering between the fears and hopes I have for this new development in our life.

The Fears:
How am I going to possibly love this child as much as I love Devyn? How is Devyn going to adjust to sharing attention with her brother? How am I going to handle the transition from one child to two? What will my labor and delivery be like? Am I horrible mother for even doubting my love for another child? Do I have the ability to rear a little boy into a man of God? How am I going to balance my time with each child? Will Devyn regress from my lack of attention? Will Hudson fail-to-thrive without having my full attention, the kind of attention Devyn had from day one?

The Hopes:
I’m anxious to watch my children grow into their sibling relationship; catch them playing together or even for the arguments that are sure to ensue. I can’t wait to see who Hudson looks like; Devyn, Jon, myself, or another family member. I want to raise a son who rough and tough, yet sensitive and kind. My hope for his life is that he’ll always put family and God first. I can’t wait to kiss his face; touch his toes; feel his downy hair against my cheek; sustain him with my milk. I’m looking forward to the family outings, vacations, and trips to the mountains. Instead of saying “child”, I find myself already referring to my “children”.

My Truths:
Yes, I’ll admit that I’m absolutely terrified for Hudson’s arrival, in more ways than one. I’m nervous for the time that will no longer belong to just Devyn and I, but at the same time I’m so anxious to meet him. I was talking to my friend, Amy, and the hardest part is that I feel like I’ve cheated Hudson throughout this whole pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Devyn, my days and thoughts were consumed with this little life growing inside me; I was connected to her from the moment the two lines appeared on the stick. This doesn’t mean that Hudson wasn’t wanted, he was, from the day we decided to start trying again, but somehow my days are consumed with other things. Have I been fair to Hudson?

I realize that my God is greater than my fears, and even greater than my hopes. The timing, the circumstances, and the experiences have already been planned out and I can have complete peace in the fact that our family is in His hands. When I find my mind racing, I’m making a conscious effort to keep them from mind and rely solely on His grace to see me through each day. And at night, when I have a sleeping toddler in the crook of my arm, another hand placed on my active womb, and my husband studying at our desk, I realize how blessed I truly am. So, at this time, I’m trying desperately to push anxious thoughts from my mind and live in each moment, each day; for the future has already been taken care of.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Monday, January 22, 2007 6 Comments A+ a-

We are so blessed with the presence of Devyn Paige in our lives. She is such a joy and so much fun to be around. We've had very few "terrible two" incidents with her and overall, are enjoying this stage very much. Here she is helping her Daddy study for a promotional test at work. They are definitely two peas in a pod.

The best news associated with Miss Devyn Paige (or Miss Paige as I sometimes call her) is that she is now sleeping in her own bed, by herself, all night long! We have a great routine of getting ready for bed, reading a bedtime story, and saying our prayers. Once that's done, she'll turn on her side, cuddle up with her teddy bear, and fall asleep on her own!! Whoo hooo!! You have no idea what a relief it is to have her in her own bed, it was something that I was genuinely worried about and all that worrying was for naught.

Devyn is also doing the cutest thing right now… She absolutely LOVES praying, whether it be at dinner time or bed time, she's usually the one who asks to pray. The best part of my whole day is when she clasps her tiny hands together at bedtime, looks me seriously in the eye, says "pray", and shouts Amen after we're done.

**Contented Sigh** These are the moments I LOVE being a mother!!

Devyn's Birth Story - Part IV

Friday, January 19, 2007 13 Comments A+ a-

She left and while the nurse started the drip for my pitocin, the rest of my family, my parents and sisters were discussing what to do for dinner. Jon and I convinced them to go out and grab a bite. We reasoned that it was going to be a while before anything happened, so they wouldn’t miss anything, and besides, Jon and I were kind of hoping for some alone time. They left and soon it was just the two of us; we chatted about the day, what was in store for us during the next 12 hours or so, etc.

In the midst of our conversation, a nurse rushed in, pushed some buttons on my IV and put an oxygen mask on my face. The look on my husband’s face made me want to laugh, despite the seriousness of the situation; he was absolutely white and look terrified. The nurse came along side me and rubbed my arm. She explained that the baby was not reacting well to the pitocin; that her heart rate was dropping; and Dr. Susie was on her way back to the hospital. During her explanation, I started shaking uncontrollably. I wasn’t cold, I wasn’t even frightened; I just couldn’t stop shaking. Another nurse came in, looked at my vitals, Devyn’s vitals, and decided to do an internal check. Her eyes widened and she whispered something to the nurse. She looked down at me and said, “Honey, you’re having a baby. You are dilated to 10 cm and you’re going to start pushing soon.” I had progressed from 2cm to 10cm within a span of an hour and a half. Thank goodness I had the epidural during that fast transition!!

At that point, a sense of peace and calm came over me. I’m not sure if it was the drugs or just knowing that God was in control but I just had a complete peace about the whole thing. I called my mom and told her that she needed to return to the hospital as soon as possible. Before she could panic, I just informed her that things had progressed much faster than they had anticipated and she needed to return fast if she wanted to be here for the delivery. By this time, Dr. Susie had returned and was doing another internal check of her own. I could tell that my progress had surprised her but there was also a look of concern on her face. The baby’s heart rate had plummeted and they were having a really hard time locating the heartbeat based on the location of the baby and the fact that they couldn’t attach an internal monitor because of my catheter. Mom arrived just as Dr. Susie was giving me instructions on how to push, while getting dressed in her scrubs at the same time.

The rest of the story is pretty blurry for me; my mom and Jon have filled in some of the details but I remember very little of it myself. I could feel the panic in the room; I could sense that Dr. Susie was not pleased with how things were going but it really didn’t seem to touch my bubble of peace. (Looking back, I think I may have been in shock or denial that things had progressed so fast.) I was asked if I wanted a mirror to watch Devyn being born and quite frankly, the thought of watching was just a little too distracting for me. I declined. During the next half hour, I had Jon clutching one leg and Mom clutching the other, both encouraging me during my pushing. Every so often, Dr. Susie would have me stop and a nurse would come and try to measure the baby’s heart beat.

At a pivotal moment, the nurse shook her head no at Dr. Susie, indicating the heartbeat couldn’t be found. I could feel both Jon and Mom tense up, and Dr. Susie told me that Devyn had to come out NOW. With my next push, Dr. Susie gave me an episiotomy and Devyn Paige was born within a minute after that. I didn’t know it at the time but she came out with the cord wrapped around her neck, completely white, and very quiet. I remember asking why she wasn’t crying but no one answered me. They laid her on my chest and I was just in awe that she was finally here. At one point, Devyn finally started whimpering. After some photos were taken, the nurse took Devyn to be measured, weighed, and given the appropriate shots.

After living inside my body for 293 days and after an eventful, sometimes stressful, labor and delivery, Devyn Paige had finally arrived safely into the world and in that moment, my life changed forever… I was a mother.

House Update

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House plans are progressing, not as fast as Jon would like (who wants to continue living with their in-laws, huh?) but they are progressing. Jon and I spent the first weekend after our pre-qualification meeting, looking at homes with our realtor and his wife (who also happen to be our good friends). We looked at approximately five to eight houses, but it was the last house of the evening that we fell in love with. Seriously, the moment we walked into the house, it just felt “right”.

It is a three-bedroom, two-bath ranch level home; approximately 1200 finished square feet with approximately another 1200 square feet in the basement; a covered patio; a mud room and laundry room off the garage; an island in the kitchen; a beautiful master bedroom; and a great floor plan. (I’ve included a picture of the floor plan below, if you can’t see it, you can also click on this link.)
Our realtor has been working with the builder to figure out if they’re building in the neighborhood that we want, which is right next to a brand-new elementary school that will open next fall (which they are); whether or not they’ll work with our mortgage lender (which they will); and the rest of the tiny details. We were finally able to meet with the builder this past Monday to get a few more specifics and look at our lot choices. Of course, with only two lots to choose from, it was an easy decision.

Now comes the “fun” part, working on contracts, negotiations, etc. and waiting for answers. Somehow, between picking up the builder’s flyer in mid-December and now, they’ve raised the price of the home by $5,000. Huh, what?! But our realtor thinks we *may* be able to negotiate that price down. We shall see and I shall keep everyone posted. Jon and I are just anxious to start this next step in our lives and are really hoping to have a contact signed by February 1st, which would mean house completion as early as mid-June or as late as end of July. We just want to know that we’re moving towards our goal before Hudson’s arrival.

On a side note: I stopped by this exclusive baby store in our old town area and picked up this delightful item, in navy, last night. We got out the baby seat, washed everything, and put it all together. I’m getting so excited to meet this little man!!

Devyn Birth Story - Part III

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 5 Comments A+ a-

I settled into the Jacuzzi tub again around 1:00pm and was once again left alone with my thoughts. Jon had fallen asleep in the chair while watching a western movie and Mom had taken off for a quick bite to eat. Around the same time, all three sisters showed up and crowded into the bathroom, doing their best not to wake Jon. (I know this may seem weird to those that don’t have sisters, but they really are my best friends [through thick and thin] and I wasn’t at all bothered to have them in there with me.) For the next two hours, we chatted about various subjects between contractions. When I was ready to get out of the tub, my sisters left the bathroom to give me some privacy. As I dried myself from the tub, I felt a slight trickle down my leg; I took the white towel and mopped it up, only to find that the towel came away with a twinge of pink. I grinned to myself as I realized that my water had just broken, naturally, the way I had wanted all along. I hurriedly threw my hospital gown back on and called for the nurse. By the that time, Jon had woken and my mom had returned from lunch. My room was full but I didn’t care one bit as the nurse wiped my thigh with that special ph-paper and sure enough, confirmed that my water had just broken. I threw a victorious look to Jon and we realized that this was at least, some progress.

Within a half-hour the contractions had gotten progressively worse and they were starting to become unbearable. I made the nurse call for the anestheologist and was ready for my epidural. I never had any intention of trying a drug-free delivery; I just wasn’t the he-man (or she-woman) kind of person. If I can deliver without pain, I’m all for it! When the good doctor arrived with my medicine, I no longer cared about my phobia of needles. (You are talking to the woman who still cries at shots and would rather have a hand to hold than be concerned about her image!) I gripped Jon’s shoulders during a contraction and didn’t even feel the needle enter my body. Almost instantly, the pain stopped and suddenly, all was right the world once again.

The next two hours seemed to fly by as various friends and family stopped in to say hi and wish me luck. While the epidural gave me NO control over bodily functions and took my ability to control movement, I was still so happy that I didn’t have to feel the contractions. There were many times when Jon and a nurse had to position my body just right to get the vitals they needed. Embarrassing? Yes. Worth it? Of course.

My doctor showed up again around 5:30pm and did another internal check, only to be met with another frown. At this point I was 100% effaced but only 2cm dilated. I groaned inwardly, I couldn’t believe that no progress was being made! Dr. Susie did a rundown about what to expect over the next few hours. She was going to start the pitocin, go home and feed her children (I love that about her, her children always come first), and come back. If I still hadn’t progressed far enough long with the pitocin, she was going to call me “failure to progress” and start prepping me for a c-section. “Regardless,” she said, “We’re in for a long night. Hang in there; it will all be worth it in the end.”

Sisters and Best Friends

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The beginning of a wonderful relationship; Christine and I.
One of my earliest memories involving Christine was when she was just a baby, approximately 6 months old; which would have made me almost three?! I remember getting out of bed in the middle of the night, walking down the hallway to the nursery, and climbing into her crib where Mom found us the next morning. And with that move, our relationship was cemented. Chris and I have shared a bedroom since the birth of our third sister Allison. I would always, much to Christine’s chagrin, climb into her small, twin bed to cuddle, talk, or sleep. Christine always enjoyed her space, whereas I needed to be close to someone. I even shared the joy of becoming a Christian from our beds, “Christine, do you know you’re going to hell?” (Such is the honesty of a seven-year-old.) She and I are the closest of the four sisters, which I’m sure comes from sharing a room for 19 years.
Christine and I trying to stuff Allison into our doll cradle.
Playing on the top bunkbed at a cabin we used to visit.
My most vivid memory of Allison was when she was two years old and exerting her independent streak at the Phoenix Zoo. We had gone to the zoo with the whole family and my grandparents; a red wagon had been rented at the zoo to put all of our souvenirs, snacks, lunch, light jackets, cameras, etc. in it and to make it easy to haul around. Needless to say, the wagon had been heavily loaded, especially for a two year old. However, Allison HAD to be the one to pull that wagon around the whole zoo; whenever someone tried to stop and help her, she stuck out her lower lip and said, “ME do it”. Allison Lea is definitely the most strong-willed and stubborn one of the four of us; and we knew it at the young age of two. We are convinced that this strong will and stubborn attitude is what carried her through a hellish two years of fighting anorexia. With the help of God, Allie won that fight!

The Sisters - Christmas 1989

The sisters picking up Allie after her stint at an eating disorder clinic two states away!
What can I possibly say about Courtney?! She is the ONLY sister that I actually remember being born. I remember Dad coming into my room to tell us that Mom’s water broke; I remember being dropped off at my aunt’s house in the middle of the night while they went to the hospital; and I remember vividly the phone call the next morning to tell us that we had another girl in the family. I remember that Courtney went nameless for about three days as we tried name after name after name on her. One day she was called Brittney and the next she was called Courtney, until they finally decided upon that name. She is the one who went through a huge tomboy-stage, trying desperately to be the boy she thought Dad wanted. And despite her tomboy stage, has turned into the most fashionable, girly sister out of all four of us.
The four of us at my wedding in May of 2002.
All three of these women have played, and continue to be, such an integral part of my life!! I realize how truly lucky I am to be able to call them best friends and sisters. We bring out the best, and the worst, in each other. We can call them like we see them, without fear of ridicule, retribution, or resentment. We may not always enjoy hearing what the other has to say, but realize that there is usually a fair amount of truth to their words. It has been such an incredible journey from then to now, and I’m looking forward to the next 20 years as our roles continue to evolve from sisters to aunts to wives to mothers, etc. I am blessed beyond comprehension!
The Sisters - Summer of 2003


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In honor of the fact that I’m due exactly one month from today (yikes!), I thought it high time that I issue another “Congratulations” post for our family and friends. We seem to have a quiet break in pregnancy announcements, but the babies are being born like hotcakes.

Unfortunately, I do not have too much information about the latest birth but I know that Jeff and Katie recently gave birth to a baby boy, Caleb, on Sunday and have added their third child to the family. Congrats!!

Secondly, our friends Cassie and Jeremy had their little boy in December, who arrived approximately 22 days early but weighed 6 pounds, 11 ozs and was 18 inches long. Elijah Steven is truly a beautiful, little boy and I just can’t get enough of him. Isn’t he adorable?! His older sister, Addison, seems to be adjusting well to sibling-hood. Congratulations!!

Mary, from Hess Hit Factory, gave birth to a beautiful little girl last month too. Stop by her blog and see photos of their beautiful girl, Zoe.

We’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of more friends’ babies in the coming months. Check out this baby roll-call.

Ryan and Kristin – Expecting the arrival of Aubrey Eileen, their 2nd child.

We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Hudson Jonathan, our 2nd child.
Peter and Rebecca – Expecting the arrival of their first child, a boy.

Jill and Jeremy – Expecting the arrival of Kyla Eileen, their 1st child.

Amber and Tommy – Expecting the arrival of their 2nd child, a surprise.

Amanda and Derek – Expecting their miracle child, their 1st and also a surprise.
Drea and Cory – Expecting the arrival of their 2nd child, a surprise.

Blogosphere Babies
There is definitely something in the air, as these wonderful blogging friends are also expecting little bundles of joy. Please stop in and give them some encouragement during this exciting time in their lives. If I’ve forgotten someone, please let me know!!

Stacy, from A Measure of Grace, is currently starting the process of adopting their 3rd child.
Amy, from Amy, Oh My, is expecting her 2nd child, a surprise.
Kim, from Awaiting a Miracle, is expecting her 1st child, a daughter named Ava.
Erin, from Embracing My Cup, is expecting her 3rd boy. Our thoughts are with you!
Joy, from Living Joyously, is expecting her 4th child, a surprise.
Overwhelmed With Joy is currently in the process of adopting her 2nd child.
Mandi, from Something Beautiful, is expecting her 3rd child, a son named Ezekial.
Andi, from Tales of a Crafty Mama, is expecting her 2nd child, a surprise.

"God, I come to you to ask that you lay your hands on each and every one of these families. I pray that you will continue to give these mommies strength during the pregnancy; that they will feel the comfort, love, and peace you offer throughout this journey. I pray that you will whisper into their husband's ears any ideas of encouragement or strength they can offer to their wives. I pray that each of these children will be delivered safely and in good health. For the friends that are waiting for adoption, I pray that you will reveal to them your perfect timing and the perfect babies to join their family. I pray for their patience as they seek your heart and your will for their families. You are an amazing God, thank you for bringing these women into my life! In Your Name I pray, Amen."

Devyn's Birth Story - Part II

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 3 Comments A+ a-

Friday, November 19th
We arrived at the hospital so early; I believe it was about 6:30 in the morning. I made Jon call a couple of times before we actually got in the car and drove to the hospital. I think the nurse was a bit amused by the repeated calls but was always very quick to assure us that yes, there was room for us and I would be induced that morning. I excitedly checked in at the front desk but managed to contain myself as I was getting my IV hooked up, the baby’s heartbeat was being monitored, and listening to instructions. I really couldn’t believe that this day had arrived, it was really here. I knew in my heart that our daughter might not decide to make her entrance for another 24 hours or so, but at least we were doing something to get the ball rolling.

Once I was hooked up the appropriate machines and all the blood work had been done, I was finally given something that was supposed to start softening my cervix. The nurses instructed me that I need to wait an hour to allow the pill to work its magic but if I was so inclined, that at that time I could hop into the Jacuzzi tub to relax. I was giddy that we had gotten a labor and birthing room with a Jacuzzi tub; I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get in there. (Part of His plan to have me wait another day, I’m sure.) Sure enough, as soon as the allotted time had passed, I rang for the nurse and she started filling up my tub. By that time, the contractions were a bit more regular and were starting to hurt. They weren’t unbearable but there was a definite difference between them and the Braxton-Hicks I’d been having for weeks.

I settled myself into the tub and laid there for what seemed like hours. Mom checked in on me from time to time and Jon poked his head in occasionally to see how I was doing, but overall, it was just me, laying there with my thoughts and dealing with the contractions. Around 11:30am, my doctor showed up and wanted to check my progress. I had to leave my cocoon of water and settled back on the bed. After doing an internal check, my doctor frowned and told me that I wasn’t making as much progress as she’d like; that I was only 75% effaced and approximately one-inch dilated. I was a bit discouraged but also knew that induced labors can take longer than normal. She ordered another pill to continue softening my cervix. Dr. Susie then explained to Jon and I that she would be back around 5:00 to check on me again and at that time would probably start the pitocin and would probably break my waters. I grimaced as I remember all of the horrid stories I’d heard about pitocin but also knew that holding my daughter was more important to me than those stories.

1000 Gifts - Week 6

Monday, January 08, 2007 5 Comments A+ a-

133. The squeal, running feet, and the sweet voice of Devyn crying “Mama” when I walk in the door after work.
134. Watching the clock pass 2:00, 3:00, 4:00am as Devyn continues to sleep peacefully in her own bed.
135. Having my kind, considerate husband remind me to stop by his job (after working a 12-hour, overnight shift) before work so he can refill my tires!
136. The sight of newborn diapers; comparing them to the size of Devyn’s diapers.
137. Knowing God is always providing for us; for example, Jon’s overtime from last month will help cover recent, needed car repairs.
138. Having Jon bring any baby-related boxes back from storage, rummaging through baby items with both nostalgia and hope for the newest addition.
139. Being dragged out for a pedicure and one-on-one time with a friend.
140. Lunch and baby-shopping with another friend.
141. Eagerly waiting for the arrival of the bassinet; constantly tracking the shipping number given to us from the store.
142. Feeling the cold emanate from Jon and Devyn’s faces, as they kiss me after coming in from sledding in the backyard.
143. Devyn gingerly touching my lip and saying “owie” and wanting one on her lip too.
144. Devyn’s little voice saying “I want hug” as I get ready to leave, apparently the kiss just wasn’t enough for her.
145. Holding Devyn and her exclamation of “baby” as Hudson kicks her.
146. My husband waking, without complaint, when I call to tell him the car broke down, and his calming, reassuring presence that everything will be ok.
147. A surprise gift in the mail, knowing that family and friends are thinking of us.
148. Joining in the excitement of a friend’s first pregnancy, exclaiming over the newest development, the baby bump, and overall joy of a first pregnancy.
149. The sound of my little girl’s voice saying “ma-ma”, it never gets old!
150. Sitting with my husband on a couch, not saying a word, just enjoying the fact that the other is there.
151. Reading through our bible study book, A Covenant Marriage, together; stopping to discuss a point or ask a question.
152. The anticipation of Hudson’s arrival. Will he be early? Or late, like his sister? Will he have dark hair? Or light hair with curls, like his sister?
153. Jon and I sitting down to write down our priorities for the new year, coming up with measurable goals to attain those priorities; both striving to be the best for each other and our family.
154. The generosity of family that allowed me to get both a facial and massage last Saturday; such pampering was wonderful.
155. Text messages telling me family and friends have arrived at their destinations safely.
156. My nightly ritual of a good book, a steaming bath, jasmine-scented oil, and about a half-hour to myself.
157. Unexpected massages from Jon, when he reaches over and just starts rubbing my neck or back… divine!
158. The knowledge that no matter how badly I mess up, I’m still a woman after God’s own heart.
159. The subtle movements, kicks, and rolls from Hudson; his space is growing crowded, yet he still such an active little guy.
160. Hand-me-downs from generous family and friends.
161. Clear skies, knowing that it means Jon will only have to work 8 hours.
162. Knowing that despite the long hours and exhaustion Jon faces during snow storms; he is in his element and loves what he does.

Devyn's Birth Story - Part I

Friday, January 05, 2007 8 Comments A+ a-

I've been asked on a number of occasions for Devyn's birth story. I have never written this down anywhere, even in her baby book, and I decided that it was important I get it on record. Here goes, this will be lengthy!

Thursday, November 18th
I had anxiously been waiting for this day since the moment I saw two lines appear on the home pregnancy test. I rubbed my belly anxiously as my mom, Jon, and I walked into the hospital and headed for the labor and delivery section of the hospital. I couldn’t believe that I was going to be induced tonight, after this long wait. When we checked in at the front desk, the nurse asked for my name and then gave a slight frown as she perused her list. She glanced up from her chart and asked if I would mind waiting a moment. I said no problem, even though I was screaming inside; I just knew something was wrong. I shared a look with Jon and saw that he had the same premonition as well. As if sensing my anxiety, Mom stepped forwarded and grabbed my hand, rubbing it and trying to keep me calm.

A few moments later, another nurse appeared and asked if I had received the message she’d left for me. I shook my head no, that I hadn’t received such a message. She gave an apologetic smile and said the very words I’d been dreading. “I’m sorry, we’re absolutely full. There’s no way we can do an induction tonight.” My heart sank like a stone, all my high hopes and wishes flew out the window. I wanted to scream, I was already 9 days overdue! It wasn’t as if I was electing to be induced, this wasn’t a voluntary idea, and yet, I was still being turned away. I looked at Jon with tears in my eyes and barely remember the questions that Jon and Mom were asking the nurse. I didn’t hear them say we should call before coming back in the morning; I didn’t hear her repeated apologies; and I was too upset to comprehend that a different plan might be a better plan.

That night I struggled with the idea that my delivery was being put off another day; I felt destined to be pregnant forever. After my nightly ritual of a hot, soothing bath, I remember crawling into bed, wrapping my arms around my belly, and dreaming of baby toes, pink blankets, and hoping that tomorrow would indeed be the day.

Miscellaneous Photos

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Devyn enjoying a girls day with her Aunt Allison, Aunt Courtney, and cousin, Stephanie.
Devyn and Daddy finally getting some play time, in between blizzards.
One of Devyn's very expressive faces, such a ham!!
Daddy just waking from a nap after working, two peas in a pod.

Belly Pics - Take 5

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18 Weeks Pregnant
22 Weeks Pregnant

26 Weeks Pregnant

30 Weeks Pregnant

Christmas Day - 33 Weeks Pregnant

34 Weeks Pregnant

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good. I just had my 34-week appointment and so far, I've gained 30 pounds. I have another six weeks to go, so we'll see what the final number is at the end. The doctor says that Hudson is head down, which is a relief to me. I'm still slightly anemic and am continuing the extra iron pills. Hudson continues to be an active, little man, which was quite apparent by the swift kick he gave our doctor while she was checking his heart rate. We had a good laugh over that one.

Devyn has started saying Hudson's name (Hu-son) and will point to my belly when we ask her where Hudson is. She has also started calling her belly "baby" which is absolutely adorable!! I still don't think she has any concept of what is happening inside me but she'll figure it out soon enough. We're also making great strides in getting her to sleep by herself. Whew! She actually slept through the night for the first time two nights ago. You have NO idea what a load that is off my mind. Another update on Devyn is that I am FINALLY being called "ma-ma" after months of being called "da-da". It is seriously the best name in the world and I love hearing her little voice call out to me.

God is so good to us! I can't wait to see how this little man is going to touch our lives!!

Nesting, Friends, and Snow

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Nesting has kicked in with full force. I find myself going a little insane at the chaos and disorganization that has taken over our basement. I find myself stopping to clean up one mess, only to be distracted by another mess on my way to the trash can, dresser, etc. Argh! I really think I’m going a little crazy by the sheer volume of things I need to accomplish before this little guy makes his appearance. I need to sit down for a moment and make a list; I know I’ll feel better once I can start checking things off one-by-one.

I did manage to get a little organizing done in Devyn’s “room”. Furniture was rearranged, clothes were packed up, toys were moved to the toy section of the basement, and I even bought an organizer from Target to start preparing for the additional “things” we need for the baby. We also bought our first package of newborn diapers for the little lad. I told Amy that I was in shock that one, Devyn ever fit into those tiny, tiny diapers and two, that we’re so close to getting ready to use them again.

On Saturday, I met my friend Sarah for a pedicure. I hadn’t realized how badly I needed the social interaction until we were sitting side-by-side, talking about life, babies, and family. It was one of the most therapeutic moments within these past two weeks. I’ve got to remind myself that I need to take care of myself in order to be a better wife and mom to Jon and Devyn. It was wonderful to just sit for an hour, having legs and feet massaged, and chatting with an old friend. I felt extremely pampered and left feeling refreshed. Thank you, Sarah, for dragging me out of the house!!

For those that have wondered and asked about our second blizzard of the holiday season, it really wasn’t as bad as the first one, but I did manage to get another snow day out of it! My husband has worked continuously and I’m amazed at his work ethic; my poor, exhausted, tired husband has literally worked the past 20 out of 21 days. Yes, this will be wonderful for his paycheck in January but I’m not sure the hours away from home and his exhaustion are worth it.

The time away has caused a severe attitude problem in Devyn, who normally has a sweet and loving spirit. The time away from Daddy has caused numerous screaming tantrums with everyone that is not “Mama” and has produced an extremely clingy little girl. The time that she finally got to spend with Daddy yesterday went a long way in bringing the sweet and loving child back out. Poor thing, it’s hard to explain to a 2-year-old that Daddy is working and will be home soon, all she knows is that Daddy is missing.

As far as Jon is concerned, the exhaustion is leading to misplaced items such as gift certificates that were given as Christmas presents, a cell phone that was dropped in the state yard and then run over, a wallet that was later recovered, and a wedding ring. Neither the gift certificates nor the wedding ring have been found yet. I’m praying that the weather will remain calm and allow Jon a few free days this upcoming weekend.