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"May my kisses be with you always, may the peace of this moment sustain you for a lifetime, may any danger in your path come down mine instead. May this moment exist in your soul and your flesh for all eternity so that you will always know I am your mother and I am with you no matter where you are. May you carry this moment with you... forever...may I." ~Elizabeth

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Mommy and Devyn: Tickle War

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Family and Friends, Inc.
Uncle Josh and Devyn waiting for the bus in Vail.
Aunt Courtney and Devyn posing for the mamma-razzi.
Addison and Devyn settling in for "Elmo's World".

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My eight-week-old cousin, Alivia Jane, and her mommy, Dareth, came to visit us this week. Its interesting having a first, blood cousin younger than your daughter but such is the life in large families. (I am closer in age to some uncles than I am to their children.) It was a wonderful visit and I so enjoyed my time with Dareth. She is technically my aunt, as she married my uncle three years ago, but it’s strange to call a woman only 4 years older than myself "aunt". Beyond titles and ages, Dareth and I share so much in common and I'm having such a good time sharing motherhood experiences with her.

Devyn was really unsure of what to think of the new baby and really wanted nothing to do with her at first. But Devyn decided that there must be more to this baby than meets the eye if "Mommy" is holding her. For the most part, Devyn was very gentle with Alivia and would stroke her head or her back. But when we got out the video camera, she got a little excited and wound up being a little too rough. Some of these photos include my cousin, Abby, who loves her baby cousins. Devyn is very infatuated with Abby, will follow her anywhere, and hysterically giggles at anything Abby does. I love seeing Devyn interact with family!

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Well, it appears that the vomit-fest wasn't quite done in the Glover house. Devyn and I arrived home around 6:30 last night and as I was trying to unlock the door, I had the sinking feeling that I wasn't going to make to the bathroom... I was right. Its nearly impossible to comfort a crying, scared child while retching into a garbage can but luckily Jon heard Devyn's cries and came running. I was laid up all night with a fever, chills, and the occasional trip to the porcelain god. I hate, hate, hate being sick.

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Let me preface this entry with declaration that I hate puke, vomit, upchucking, or whatever you want to call it. I cannot handle it and it’s the primary reason that Jon and I made an agreement upon Devyn’s birth that I would handle all dirty diapers and he would handle all puke. If I hear someone puke, see someone puke, or smell someone’s puke, odds are good that I’ll be adding to the previous pile. God has such a sense of humor!

On Thursday morning, Jon and I woke up bright and early in preparation for his surgery. We had to be at the surgical center by 6:00am and we decided that Devyn would be taken in her pjs and I’d just change her while Jon was in surgery. I was in the bathroom blow-drying my hair when Jon comes running through, holding Devyn by her armpits. Our poor baby had thrown up all over herself. It was in her hair, covering her pjs, and under her nails. While Jon proceeded to give Devyn a bath, I ran to the nursery and tore off her puke-covered sheets. What a way to start this day!

We arrived at the surgical center on time, in spite of a vomit-covered child and icy roads from the worst snow storm this season. We got Jon settled into bed and we informed the anesthologist that Jon is very sensitive to being put under and to expect nausea and chills. Jon was wheeled into surgery and my mom and Jon’s dad kept Devyn and me company in the waiting room. Devyn dozed between drinks of water and bits of bread. My poor, poor baby.

Within ½ an hour, Dr. Martin called us into the consultation room to go over the details of Jon’s surgery. The surgery turned out even better than expected. While Jon originally went in to repair a torn meniscus but once the doctor got in there he saw that it healed itself. This in and of itself was an aswer to prayer because based on where tear was and how it would have had to been fixed, Jon could have been facing 6 weeks in recovery. But the biggest problem was his plica band. A plica band is made of fibrous tissues and usually goes away during development in-utero but Jon’s remained. He tore his plica band away from the ceiling and that is what was causing all the pain. Since the plica band is not needed, the doctor just removed it. (Feel free to check out the photos the surgical team provided us.) By this time Jon was awake, as much as could be expected anyway, and was raring to go back home. Within an hour Jon was pledging his undying love if I could just get him discharged and in his own bed. With the help of his dad and the discharge nurse, we were soon making our way back on icy roads.

The rest of the day was spent either icing Jon’s knee, running around with pain killers, making toast, keeping Devyn and Jon on liquid diets, and, oh yeah, the wonderful job of cleaning up vomit. Jon managed to throw-up three times that day and luckily made it to the bucket each time. But as I told him, cleaning up someone’s puke is a huge sign of unconditional love; I can’t do it for just anyone. Devyn kept running up and checking on "Dada" and was constantly wanting to cuddle with him. I think her feelings might have been hurt the time he handed her to me in a hurry to lean over and empty his stomach for the third time.

The next best highlight of the weekend was that the dogs decided to break free and make a run for it. Jackson and Grady have not escaped our yard in almost six months and this is the weekend they decided to do it, when I have no help and sub-zero temps outside. Of course, being the manly man that Jon is, he decided he was going to assist and got in the truck to help me look. Luckily, my sister’s boyfriend, Drew, and our friends, Cassie and Jeremy, all came to our assistance and after five hours of being free, we managed to capture the little twerps. Devyn was ecstatic to have her "doggies" home and they, fortunately, were worn out and spent the rest of the day sleeping. Oy vey!

All in all, this was an adventurous weekend and one for the books. Jon is doing well and is slowly recovering from the surgery. He’s not healing as fast as he’d like but I keep telling him to take it easy. He’s been thankful for all I’ve done for him but I just keep reminding him that we’re in this "for better or for worse" and I know he’d do the same for me. The swelling in his knee is going down and his post-op appointment is on Friday and the doctor is confident that he’ll be able to return to work on Monday, in much better shape than he was before. Thanks for your prayers and your concern, we’d greatly appreciate it.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the dogs threw-up yesterday?! God and his sense of humor!

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I’ve been calling myself a "winter widow" for almost two years now. Last night is a prime example of why I’ve given myself this nickname. Jon called me around noon yesterday to inform me that he’s being sent home to get ready for a night of snow plowing. I sighed as I saw our dinner reservations fly out the window. But I’ve come to accept that this is our life during the winter months. Jon went home and slept all day in preparation for the long night ahead. When I got off work, he woke up and we spent some quality time together before he left at 7:30pm. After Jon left, Devyn and I ate spaghetti-o’s and pizza by candlelight and cuddled up together to watch a chick flick. I guess Valentine’s Day comes in all shapes and sizes, huh?

Whenever Jon has to pull an all-nighter with CDOT, he always leaves both the shotgun and pistol loaded for our protection. I was woken about 2:00am from some noise coming from Devyn’s bedroom, so I grabbed the pistol out of my nightstand and went to investigate. What a relief to see Jackson and Grady come out with sheepish grins on their faces. I guess that was my fault for not putting them to bed properly…

On another note, Jon heads into surgery tomorrow. We have to be at the surgical center, in Loveland I might add, by 6:00am. His surgery is scheduled at 7:00am and should take approximately 45 minutes to an hour. We’re hoping to be back at home, with Jon in bed and ready to be pampered, by noon. We’d appreciate your prayers in the days ahead. One, that the God will guide the surgeon’s hands; two, that Jon’s recovery will be fast and complete; and three, that God will give me patience during the three days that Jon has to remain in bed.

I would also like to direct your attention to another site. I do not know this family or anyone close to them. I found this family through another site I had been visiting but their story tugs at my heartstrings! They have a son, Oliver, who is Devyn's age at 15 months old and is valiantly trying to battle luekemia. Please visit when you get a chance and send prayers on their behalf. Their decision is not one I envy and my heart breaks for them!

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When we woke up on Saturday morning and couldn’t find my ski coat, that should have been my first clue that this was not a good day to go skiing. When I watched the temperature gauge continually drop from 8 degrees to 20 below, I should have listened to my gut. When we got to my brothers-in-law’s apartment and my boots wouldn’t fit my skis and I had to rent a whole ski package it should have been my third clue to bail on this trip. Regardless, it made for an interesting experience.

We headed up to Vail around 5:30am on Saturday morning and arrived at Josh and Brock’s place around 7:30am. We finally hit the slopes around 8:30am and made our way to the back of the resort. Bear in mind that I haven’t skied in two years, since before I got pregnant with Devyn, and I’ve only skied a couple of blue runs, mostly green runs, in the past. On Saturday, I was skiing with four men who are used to black diamond runs and I was trying to keep up with them. Every lift that kept taking us further back, I was wondering what I’d gotten myself into. We skied mostly blue runs, with a few black runs intermingled. I thought I was going to die! I’m just not in the same shape as those four Glover men and it was a little humiliating having them wait for me at the bottom of each hill. I got psyched out easily by big, steep hills, speed, and other skiers, so I spent some time on my backside and even took my skis off at one point. But Jon prevailed to my common sense and I put the skis back on. I can see how some marriages don’t survive days like that. I pushed my body like I've never pushed it before and I’ve got the aches and pains to prove it. It's hard work keeping up with those Glover men!

All in all, it was beautiful in the back of the resort with few skiers, incredible runs, and breath-taking scenery. I even skied my first bowl and it was a blast! Josh and Brock are phenomenal on the slopes and Josh even showed off his skills on the moguls. It was fun being able to watch him and then overhear people talking in awe of his ability. Yep, that’s MY brother-in-law! Jon’s knee swelled up like a balloon and I did my best to abstain from "I told you so" but he had an absolute blast with his dad and brothers.

We got some fun videos of Brock and Josh riding rails in the terrain park and Jon even got a video of me too. It was a great, great day! And what was Devyn doing while we were gone? She was getting into trouble at Grandma Terry’s house. I told you she loved her books!

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Proof that some women just shouldn't be allowed to become mothers. There's so much more I could say, but I'll leave it at that.

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What was Devyn doing for the 20 minutes that no sound was coming from her or the room? Reading her books... yes!!!

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God is so good! Our friends, Derek and Julie, have been patiently waiting on the adoption list for several months. They've prayed, they've planned, they've trusted God, and they've waited patiently! On Thursday, February 2nd, they finally saw their dreams come to fruitation when they got the call about their baby boy. Within 24 hours they were holding their son, Daniel David. We are so thrilled for you guys! Congratulations!

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My sisters, Allison and Courtney, called me yesterday with the following story.

My parents had three showings yesterday afternoon so they and Devyn had to get out of the house. They decided to go to an indoor playground for Devyn and let her play. While they were there, little girls would come up and give her hugs and kisses and little boys would come by and stare, but overall, they left her alone. She was leaning against one of the structures when a little boy of 4 or 5 came up to her. My sisters watched as the little boy leaned forward and whispered something to Devyn. Then they were horrified when the little boy brought his leg back and kicked Devyn in the stomach! She fell to the ground in tears and her aunties rushed to her rescue. After admonishing the little boy he responded with "But she was in my way." This whole thing happened right in front of his mother! They picked Devyn up, wiped away her tears, and left the playground promptly.

Upon hearing this story, two different emotions overcame me. One, was the fierce need to protect my little girl from such bullies! I wanted to be there to love on her and kiss her better. I wanted to wrap her in my arms and shield her from the pain. And two, I was so sad because I should have been the one to protect her, instead of at work. I am counting down the days until I can start working part-time.

Devyn and I went back to the same playground this morning. I was hoping to find this little punk and his mother to give them a piece of my mind. Alas, he wasn't there but Devyn had a great time anyway. And it's just as well, I really wasn't in the mood to pick on a 5-year-old boy.

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After 21 years in the same house, my parents are finally getting ready to move! They’ve signed a contract with both a builder and realtor and the wheels are moving forward. Their new home is being built (see photos below) and they should be moved in by the end of May. The new house is located about 15 miles north of their current house and about 10 miles away from our home. We are so excited for them! It is so incredible to watch how God is blessing their lives! For 24 years, Mom and Dad gave up so much for us. Mom chose to stay home with us and while I didn’t appreciate it at the time, I’m so thankful now. They never lived outside their means and made appropriate sacrifices to put food in our bellies and clothes on our back. We never questioned their love and devotion to us; we always knew that they were there for us. Dad would often accept old beat-up cars or go without a car at all; hand-me-downs were essential in our house and there were nights we lived on pinto beans and tortillas; they went years without new clothes, the latest gadgets, the newest toys, and Mom, without her much-cherished nursing degree. But now that the youngest is in college and we’re all starting families of our own, they’re finally able to spread their wings and indulge in things that would have been unheard of years ago. Both Mom and Dad have purchased brand-new vehicles and they’re making a transition to a brand-new home! I’m so thrilled for them! And I’m so very thankful for the sacrifices they made, the love they’ve shown, and the example they were to us.

[Edited to add: My sisters feel that I've protrayed our family to be paupers, extremely poor and one step away from living on the street. This was not true. I was just trying to illustrate the many ways that our parents sacrificed to raise us.]

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Usually, I have the imagination of a child. If my thoughts are given free rein, they bounce from daydream to daydream and I'm able to come up with the craziest ideas. For instance, after reading some heart-breaking stories of mothers watching their children go through luekemia, I find myself panicking at the slightest rise in Devyn's temperature. It's because of my ability to put myself in their shoes, that I have to keep a tight grip on reality.

My sister, Courtney, just called me with a horrific story that she had to read for class. The story entailed a mother and her baby in a concentration camp. It involved the careful smuggling of the baby into camp and the horrendeous way she, the mother, had to watch her baby die. At the end of the story, Courtney asked me, "Can you imagine going through that with Devyn?"

I can't imagine. I actually cannot let my mind go to such a place...