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Every year, my dad and I head to the Wyoming vs. CSU basketball game. It's my Christmas gift to Dad and I really enjoy the time with him; it's such a great date! However, Jon fell ill this week and was unable to watch Devyn; so she accompanied us to dinner and the game. Even though the Rams lost the "Border War" to the Cowboys and Devyn defected to the other side (she kept clapping at all the wrong times!), a great time was had by all!

Getting ready for our date night out!

Bath time in the Glover house! Check out the new video; Devyn loves her baths!

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“This is what Margaret calls the Mother Wound --the pain you experience at birth that never really goes away. It opens in you a capacity to hurt for every mother, every child, in a way as personal and violent as childbirth itself.” Damomma

I have been searching for these very words for months! Since Devyn’s birth, I have noticed this deeper capacity to feel pain, fear, and empathy. Every time I hear of a mother losing a child or I find out about a child with a debilitating illness, my heart literally breaks. It’s as though I can feel each mother’s pain. I told my mom that I didn’t sign up for this; I was content in my ability to sympathize but distance myself from the reality. Instead, the moment Devyn was born, a bond was formed with every mother (past, present, and future) and I realized that I was going to mourn every loss and every fear with every mother. There is so much truth in the above quote!

I received some more wonderful news over the weekend! Our friends, Jill and Jeremy, are expecting their first child in September! We are so thrilled for you guys and cannot wait to meet this little one! Congratulations!

Since this newest pregnancy announcement, I calculated how many of our family and friends are expecting and was a little surprised at the length of the list. Add to the list the number of recent births and we’re surrounded by babies!

  • Isaac and Becky – March Due Date – 1st Child
  • Jeremy and Jaime – March Due Date – 2nd Child
  • Andy and Cari – May Due Date – 1st Child
  • Laura and Andy – May Due Date – 1st Child
  • Michelle and Josh – June Due Date – 1st Child
  • Colette and Jeff – July Due Date – 1st Child
  • John and Lorena – July Due Date – 1st Child
  • Sarah and Travis – August Due Date – 2nd Child
  • Ben and Kara – September Due Date – 1st Child
  • Shad and Julie – September Due Date – 4th Child
  • Jill and Jeremy – September Due Date – 1st Child

Yes, my baby fever is continuing to rise but since a baby isn’t in our plans in the near-future, we'll just live vicariously through our family and friends and welcome each new baby into our lives with joy and excitement for the new parents. I'm thrilled for all of the new lives that are growing and changing at this very moment. It is such a miracle and I know that each of these couples are going to be, or already are, incredible parents. Congratulations to all!!

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Devyn Paige loves climbing behind the steering wheel of my car. She'll play with the buttons on the dashboard and honk the horn. She is such a little bundle of mischief and personality!
One look at Devyn and everyone knows who she belongs to; a glimpse into the strong Chaney-Glover genes. "Daddy's Girl" is such an understatement!

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It's been a morning of good news, one after the other. First of all, congratulations to Scott and Jennifer on the birth of their twins boys, Liam and Finnegan (Finn). We are so excited for the two of you and amazed that you, Jennifer, were able to carry them to term. The boys are beautiful and we'll praying for your sanity during these next 18 years. Second of all, congratulations to Ben and Kara! We are thrilled beyond words at the news of your pregnancy. We will be praying for a safe, healthy, and uneventful eight months. You are in for the most incredible journey of your lives! Congrats to all!

(Do you think my baby fever can get any worse?!)

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"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new." ~Rajneesh

I found the above quote and could not get over the truth of it. I often think back to my life before Devyn and when I remember it; it pales in comparison to life with Devyn. Even before her birth, I loved having her grow inside me. I cherished every moment of my pregnancy. The subtle reminders of her presence were everywhere as I lost my center of gravity, as I hugged the porcelain toilet every morning, and as I watched the dark line travel up my belly. But nothing was more precious than those first kicks and movements; those moments only shared between Devyn and myself. As my due date approached, I remember telling Jon that I wasn’t prepared to share Devyn, that up until that moment, it was just her and me, and no one could touch it. And here I was, getting ready to share her, not only with her excited daddy and loving families, but with a world that I have no control over and no way to rid it of evil. This may sound corny or “women’s lib” may have a fit, but I’ve never found true fulfillment until that day that she joined us. I suddenly had a responsibility to this beautiful, young babe to love her; to teach her; to show her; to protect her; and to nourish her. God gives us such a beautiful, breath-taking gift in pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. I’m so honored that He trusts us with such joy…

Devyn Paige is going to be 14 months old tomorrow and every day her personality is emerging more and more. I love the infant stage and baby stage but nothing prepared me for the true delight in this toddler stage. Devyn and I are able to interact in ways that exceed my expectations and I find myself captivated during our times together. She is turning into an enchanting little girl who is quick to giggle; swift to play a game; and prompt to snuggle. She’ll play chase around our table with Jon; eager to let the dogs in after dinner; and excited for mommy-and-daughter tickle wars before bath time. But after the hair is washed, the splashes are made, and pjs are on, she’ll walk over to me and lay her head in my lap, indicating that she’s ready for cuddle-time. I’m not sure what Jon and I have ever done to deserve such a gift but I guess that’s the beauty of God’s love and infinite wisdom. Devyn has become such an integral part of our family and I treasure every moment.

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Upon request of the husband...
Go Broncos!!

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Jon's Upcoming Surgery
Jon has been living with a torn meniscus for almost two years now. He tore it jumping from one of his big trucks and has been avoiding surgery for various reasons. One of which is his intense fear of surgeries due to an almost-fatal accident, two shoulder surgeries, etc. But I, as a loving and concerned wife, took matters into my own hands and scheduled the much-needed surgery. (I was also getting sick of Jon being in intense pain and having near-collapses when the knee gave out.) If you think of it, please say a prayer on Thursday, February 16th as Jon heads into surgery. It is fairly routine and Jon should be in and out within a day. Please pray that his knee will heal without too much pain or physical therapy; that we'll have peace throughout the surgery; that God will guide the physician's hands; and that I'll have patience as I deal with Jon's recovery. (Do you think the doctor will care if I share some of the pain-killers? A wife can only take so much....) Thanks everyone!

Yes, the Glover men are attractive but my gorgeous husband is the one on the right!

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Bugs in the Glover House!
We had a pretty eventful week in the Glover household. First and foremost, I had the whole week off and I loved my time at home with Devyn! She is such a beautiful, little girl with a sweet spirit and disposition. Jon and I are so blessed to be her parents! I am so excited because I’m finally able to pull her hair back into pigtails. It is so cute even though it makes Devyn appear so much older.

I had a health scare last week. I’d been having some drainage from my right ear for the past month or so and was diagnosed with an ear infection. (I thought these were supposed to go away in adulthood?!) I was put on antibiotics but since it didn’t hurt, I stopped taking them. Which, in turn, resulted in a blown ear-drum; mandatory drugs and ear drops; lectures from Mom, the doctor, and my husband; and hearing loss for 4 days! Needless to say, a hard lesson was learned and I’ll never fool around with infections again. The antibiotics and drops are doing wonders and I feel 100% better.

Both Devyn and I attracted the cold that’s flying around Northern Colorado. I had it mid-week and Devyn’s cold started over the weekend. We’ve both been grunting, coughing, irritable, tiresome, congested and cranky. I think Jon is ready to call it quits and move to Alaska!

We’ve had wonderful baby news from family and friends in the past month. Congratulations to the families on the birth of their beautiful baby girls, Brooklyn Marie Denke and Alivia Jane Cox. We are so excited for you guys and are so thankful that they arrived safely.

Devyn comforting me during the ear-crisis! Precious indeed!

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Devyn Paige in all her glory!

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Girls just wanna have fun...
Devyn and her friends, Emma, Addison, and Isaac had a great time last week hanging out and playing together. It was soooo cute! (Check out those pigtails!!) Later that week, she got into a wrestling match with her friend, Drew, and she took him out. Ah, first crushes.

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Devyn Paige & Company - Part I
Please enjoy these photos from our Christmas holidays. We spent a dizzy, three days jumping from place to place to spend time will all of our families. We feel so blessed that we have so many family and friends to share in this wonderful, magical time.

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Devyn Paige & Company - Part II