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A few ramblings...
Life just seems so crazy right now and I can barely string two coherent thoughts together, much less a whole blog. So I just thought I'd make a list of some rambling thoughts:
  • My poor, dear husband worked so much this weekend with the snowstorm that came through. I believe he put in about 34-35 hours of work in a 48-hour period. The overtime will be nice but I missed spending time with him over the weekend and I don't enjoy playing "single-mom" at all. However, he is a hard-working, dedicated man and I love and respect him for providing for our family. Thank you, Jon!
  • What is it about this season?! I, personally, love this time of year. I love spending time with family and friends; I love baking cookies and treats; I love getting ready for this magical time of year; and I love experiencing it through Devyn's eyes. But how do you explain the rest of the world and their attitudes? For example, I was driving along when a man stepped out in front of my car. I double-checked to make sure that I hadn't run through a cross-walk, stoplight, etc. but I hadn't. Thank goodness I stopped in time but the man decided to flip me off anyway. Did I mention he was wearing a Santa hat? Merry Christmas to you too, Buddy!
  • I managed to get all of our gifts wrapped and under the tree by Saturday night. I should have known that teaching Devyn to open gifts would come back to bite us. Sunday morning I came out of the bathroom to find two un-wrapped Christmas gifts. (Brock - I did my best to rewrap your present but...)
  • I think I've been bitten by the baby-bug. My sister, Christine, and I counted 8 family and friends expecting new bundles of joy in the next 9 months and about 3-4 friends who are actively "trying". I'm really not ready for another one but I can't help but dream. I'm wishing my family and friends who are expecting, healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries. And to my family and friends who are trying (you know who you are!), best of luck and have fun!
  • And last, but not least, I am so thankful for my husband and daughter. They make the rest of this world seem less crazy and make my life so complete. I love my time with them and I cherish them more than anything under the Christmas tree. Thank you, God, for bringing such wonderful blessings into my life!

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Michael Lacy died this morning. I found out this morning from our mutual friend, Cassie, and my heart just sank. I stood in the shower and the word “why” just kept rolling around and around in my head. It’s moments like this that often have me searching for reasons or answers. All of the pat, Christian answers “It’s all part of God’s plan” or “This happened for a reason” just seem so trite and insufficient. We may never know the reason why God decided to take Michael; we may never know whose life he touched; and we may never know his reason for being here. But I do know this, Michael was loved by many and the Lacy family showed him God’s love and grace in a way that Michael’s birth parents were unable to do. I pray that Charla and Matt will be comforted by the fact that they did a wonderful thing by loving Michael and taking him in as their own. My heart is breaking for their loss and I'm sure theirs are breaking as well. But I hope they know that God is looking down saying, “Well done, good and faithful servants.”

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Dear Father,
I want to lift up the Lacy family to you today. I know that you hold baby Michael close to your heart and I know he is more precious to you than we could ever imagine. I trust in your plan for his life. But God, I am pleading with you from a mother's heart and with hope that this little boy will be healed. I pray that you will give the doctors wisdom in working on Michael. I pray that the Lacy family will feel your peace and your presence during these next few days. But most of all, God, I ask that Michael will feel the outpouring of love, hope, and prayer going out to him and for him. We place this baby into your hands and into your will.

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Let the fun begin!
Ok, I admit it. I've often wondered what my stay-at-home friends did all day. I mean, really, how hard can it be to keep the house cleaned, the laundry done, fresh baked foods on the table, and dinner prepared when dear-hubby walks in the house?!? (This is where I usually get a good, swift kick to rear-end from a well-intentioned friend.) But I take it back; I take it all back! Let me give you a glimpse into what our day was like yesterday...

11:34am - I set Devyn in the living room with her toys to play while I throw a load into the washer.
11:40am - Devyn has pulled herself up and taken all the magazines off the coffee table.
11:41am - Devyn is taken back to her toys and told to "stay there" while I clean up the mess.
11:44am - I turn around and she's playing with the DVD player and throwing DVDs on the floor. (Mental note to self, put DVDs away when done watching them!)
11:45am - Put Devyn back with her toys and throw away Pirates of the Caribbean due to scratches.
11:53am - Devyn is demanding some attention, so I sit on the floor and we read about three books.
12:05pm - Run to the laundry room and throw the load into the dryer.
12:07pm - Stare in shock as I come into the kitchen and see that Devyn has taken out all of the tupperware and thrown it on the floor. She looks at me with a smile.
12:09pm - Pick up the tupperware but am horrified that she is pulling paper plates, napkins, and miscellaneous items off the baker's rack.
12:11pm - Clean up Devyn's mess at the baker's rack and chase her to another cupboard filled with pots and pans.
12:12pm - Too late! My sauce pans and frying pans have been thrown all over the floor!
12:14pm - Throw my hands up in defeat and place Devyn on the counter to help me make lunch. (At last...she rests.)
12:45pm - After a good lunch, I place a sleepy Devyn on the couch and rush to put another load in the washer.
12:48pm - I hear Jon talking to Devyn, "What are you doing out here?" I rush into the kitchen, no Devyn. I rush into the living room (where I'd left her); no Devyn. Jon is calling my name from the mud room! Devyn had gotten herself all the way from the living room into the mud room and was playing with the dogs kennels when Jon walked in.

Whew! I will never doubt my friends again!

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I think Devyn is turning into a bully...
When we first brought her home, our dogs were unsure of how they felt about her; Jackson and Grady really just wanted nothing to do with her. When she got a little older and could laugh at them and try to touch them, they started thinking that maybe she was all right. But it wasn’t until I saw Devyn feeding Jackson and Grady cheerios that I realized they had fallen in love. I smiled proudly at Devyn and thought to myself, "We must be doing something right to have a beautiful daughter and our gorgeous animals getting along so well". Right.

I was in the kitchen and I had left Devyn in the living room with Jon. She was enjoying herself, walking around the table and back again. I brought Jackson and Grady inside and they settled themselves on the floor in the living room. I was preparing dinner listening to both the sound of the news on TV and the happy babblings of Devyn. All of the sudden the babblings stopped and I looked over to see my baby girl looking down at Jackson, who was in her way. I watched as she stared uncertainly, unsure of what to do. Then, in horror, I watched as she brought her leg back and gave Jackson a swift kick to the side. (Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it didn’t hurt because Devyn is all of 17 pounds and Jackson weighs over 70, but it’s the principal.) Jackson quickly jumped up and moved to the other side the room. Grady was soon subjected to the same treatment when Devyn got to him. Oy vey!

Jon and I have repeatedly told Devyn to be gentle and nice to the doggies (usually she is) but she now has a new way of handling things when "the doggies" get in her way. Jackson and Grady have mixed emotions about Devyn; there’s a certain amount of fear in their eyes when Devyn walks into a room. Love mixed with fear is healthy... right?

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Yesterday, for whatever reason, Devyn was not in a good mood; she was ultra-sensitive and irritable. (I'm sure a good nap would have cured it but unfortunately its hard to sleep when Daddy, Uncle Caleb, and Grandpa Jim are screaming at the defeated Broncos!) Trust me, I don't wish for my daughter to be in those moods but they sure are good for cuddle days. It seems that only Mama would do for Devyn yesterday! All day long, she insisted on sitting in my lap, putting her tiny arm under mine, and laying her little head on my shoulder. Oh man! Talk about a heart growing 3 sizes bigger! What an incredible mommy-moment!

Devyn Paige bundled up for the Wellington Christmas Parade.

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Merry Christmas!!
We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season filled with safe travels and special memories with family and friends.

Special thanks to Bob Christensen, a family friend, for the wonderful photo!