Thursday, October 20, 2005 1 Comments A+ a-

Congratulations Jon!
Last month, Jon sent a letter asking for a transfer to another shop in Fort Collins from Wellington. This would allow Jon to gain some mountain experience and would give him the opportunity to learn some new skills and abilities. The Fort Collins shop is a highly desirable shop and many other CDOT employees wanted the opportunity to transfer as well.

On Tuesday, Jon went in for an interview with a few other CDOT employees. He was really nervous but felt the interview went really well. As confirmation of how well he did, he received a call last night and he got the transfer! He was told that he really impressed them, that he has a bright future at CDOT, and they (his superiors) are really looking forward to watching him grow! Jon starts his new position on November 1st and we're looking forward to sharing a commute.

Devyn and I are soooo proud of you, honey!

Saturday, October 15, 2005 1 Comments A+ a-

"Hanging out in the OK Corral"
We were checking out show homes with Grandma Becky today when we came across a corral-style bedroom. We put the cowboy hat on Devyn, placed her on the horse, and she had a ball!

Saturday, October 15, 2005 0 Comments A+ a-

"Annual Fishing Trip"
Every year Jon, his brother, Josh, and his dad, Dave, head up into the mountains in October for 3-day fishing trip. I don't understand how they can drag fishing into three days but I guess that's why they're the fishermen and why I choose to stay home with Devyn and a good book. Any way, this allows some wonderful time for manly bonding and Jon looks forward to these trips so much. They went last weekend and had a great time traveling from lake to lake. (Don't ask me which lakes they went to, I tend to tune out after they list the first two lakes.) But I thought I'd share the successes from their getaway!

Another Day Closer

Monday, October 03, 2005 5 Comments A+ a-

"Another day closer..."
Every day draws me closer to Devyn’s 1st birthday and a sense of loss fills me. I’ve tried explaining to my dear, sweet husband why I feel this way. And although he tries his best to understand (bless his heart), he just can’t. I fine myself drawing closer to my girlfriends who have been, or are currently, going through this. After all, it seems that only another mother’s heart can understand the tug-of-war going on inside.

On one hand, I love seeing Devyn grow and change in front of my eyes. I watch as she takes daring step, after daring step around the coffee table; I exclaim, in pride, over her accomplishment of turning around all by herself;
I laugh as she makes new sounds and tries mimicking our words or the barking dogs. I sit in wonder as I watch this beautiful girl, a girl that Jon and I created, explore this world. I can’t describe the feelings of happiness, pride, or love that overwhelms me.

But then I sit back and I think back to a year ago; when I was getting big with pregnancy and wishing and hoping for this baby to finally make her appearance in the world because I was done with being pregnant. Even though I loved the kicks, the dancing, and the constant trips to the bathroom; I just wanted her here in the flesh with us. And I remember the doctor placing her in my arms and thinking, how tiny she was! I loved how fragile and helpless she was; I loved that only I (or so it seemed) could answer her needs. So as I watch Devyn Paige get more independent and more daring, I can’t help but remember her baby days with a wistful sigh.