In everything, reflect the glory of God…

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…yes, in Politics too.
The first time I heard of a Christian voting with the democrat party, my jaw dropped.  My parents never actually came out and said it, but it was implicitly implied.  The Christian party was equal to the republican party.  So the very idea that a Christ-loving, Bible-believing fellow man could vote with the “wrong” party was mind-boggling to me.
Fast forward to the 2008 election.  It was ugly.
Someone very close to me started aligning their political ideals with the (gasp) “wrong” party.  And in the very way that we communicated, discussed, argued, and debated politics, it was obvious that not only was something going to have to give, we were NOT glorifying God in the way we treated each other.  If anything, Satan was getting all the glory because we were tearing each other down and drifting further apart.  No one could have looked at our relationship and said, its obvious they’re Christians by their actions.  We looked no different than those who wanted nothing to do with Christ.
I took a step back and decided to really understand what it was I believed about the role of government and politics in our lives.  I unpacked the boxes of both parties… I held each idea, each belief, and weighed it against my own personal and moral beliefs.  No longer could I rely on the idea that I believed what my parents believed, just because...  And in the end, I made a clear, conscious, and educated decision.
I still have loved ones that don’t believe the same way I do.  But in the four years since the last election, I have more respect and understanding of them.  No longer do we get in heated and ugly debates, because I’ve decided that my having a healthy and loving relationship with them is more important to me than political jargon, soundbites, and debates.  I might not agree with their viewpoints or beliefs, but I can RESPECT that they’re voting in line with what they believe is best for our country.  I might disagree with what’s best, but I love that they’re voting with their ideals.
Today in church, I was rocked.  Actually the whole sermon was convicting, and this was such a tiny part of it, but it forced me to step back and think.  The following analogy was used…

With ballot in hand and just before you hand it in, the following scenario runs through your mind.  On one hand is Candidate A, who will run our nation off the edge of the cliff at 100mph.  And on the other hand is Candidate B, who will run our nation off the edge of the cliff at 40mph.  And in the interest of WINNING, no matter what, you decide to vote for the 40mph candidate. 

Isn’t most of politics run off the idea of fear?  Fear of the candidate?  Fear of what they’ll do to our country?  Fear that the other side will win?  Have we forgotten 1 John 4:18? “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear…”
As in everything, we are called to reflect the Glory of God, yes, even in politics.  The question should not be, which candidate will beat the other side, but which vote will bring the most glory to God?  In what situation, will God be allowed the opportunity to reveal His majesty the most?  And to that end, does our treatment of those on opposite sides of the aisle, reflect that we belong to the Most High?  Will non-believers look at us and wonder what’s different about us that we can join hands with each other, no matter the political party?  “They will know we are Christians by our love…”
With the 2012 election fast approaching, instead of assuming that God is either republican or democrat, I’m going to approach each candidate, each issue, and ask myself in which situation does God have the opportunity to show up in a big way.  I will approach each person, regardless of political affiliation, as a child of God.  Because I believe that will bring more glory to God than trying to get my side to win.

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