Technology Fail Thursday

Thursday, April 12, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

Fail #1:
Phone has refused to charge for a week now.  As in, I will have it on the charger all day long and maybe get it up to a 1/3 of the battery charged.  IF I do manage to get the battery fully charged, its drained within a matter of an hour or two.  Not awesome.

Off to the phone store we went.  Surely it’d be covered either under our warranty or the phone’s insurance.  What?!  I don’t have insurance, you say.  When on God’s green earth have I not put insurance on my phones?  Ok, what about the warranty?  Its void.  Really?  Great.

Its all good though.  I ended up getting a nicer, updated phone for less than what I would’ve paid for the deductible, if I’d had insurance in the first place.  But you can bet I double and triple-checked that they added the insurance to my new phone.

Fail #2:
Up until about 10:00pm last night, my external hard drive was working just fine.  I took a quick break from designing and when I came back, my laptop wasn’t able to find/recognize the hard drive.  Not good.

I jiggled the cable and I could hear the external hard drive start up, the laptop would start to read it, and then it disconnected. 

Sigh.  A quick email to clients expecting drafts with an explanation and I was at our local electronics store this morning, just 20 minutes after they’d opened.  Only to discover they don’t sell that type of USB cable.  And suggested I try a second electronics store across town.

Zero luck at the next store too.  I was then told that this particular brand of hard drive is so specific that replacement cables are only available through the manufacturer.  So I came home, placed the order, and it won’t be here until Monday or Tuesday.

Here’s hoping that Jon can do something with the current USB cable.  He’s surprised me in the past with his savvy ways.  I’m hoping it’ll be the case this time around too.

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