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Its been quiet on the blog front this week.  Mostly because every time I went to publish a post, I couldn’t find the words.  So instead of trying to put together a coherent, well thought out post, I’m just going to do a mish-mash of stuff.

  • I’ve been consumed with the news coming out of Penn State last week.  Heartsick over it actually.  I tried reading the grand jury report, but I couldn’t get past the first few pages.  I just can’t wrap my head around the whole thing… the perpetrator… the witness who did nothing… the coach who was willing to pass the buck to someone else… the victims, oh, the victims.  My heart just rips in half over the victims and their mothers.  I can’t imagine feeling that helpless.
  • I read this post on Friday and it resonated with me.  Its exactly how I feel about the situation, but couldn’t find the words to write it.
  • The morning after we found out about it, we had a serious conversation with Devyn and Hudson.  Giving them the tools and permission needed to say no.  We’ve had those conversations before, in fact we have them every few months, and as uncomfortable as it is (not to mention how much I HATE that we even have to have those conversations), they are important.  I encourage you to empower your children with the same tools.
  • Ashlynn’s hand is healing so well!!  In fact, we’re not even wrapping it in gauze any more.  She’s using her right hand more, and has a few raw spots that are still healing.  It obviously is itching her like crazy, evident by the fact that she keeps trying to gnaw on her hand.
  • I’d be worried about the gnawing if she actually had teeth, but since she’s almost one year old and without a tooth in her mouth, I see no harm in it.
  • She is by far our latest teether.  All of our other Littles had a tooth, or two or three, by this age.  So to summarize, Ashlynn is our earliest walker at 7 1/2 months and our latest teether at almost a year old.
  • Don’t get my started on the fact that my oldest turns seven and my baby turns one in the next few weeks.  My heart can’t handle it.  I’m fairly emotional right now and find myself tearing up at the oddest moments.
  • We have 3 birthdays taking place in from mid-November to the end of December.  Three.  I’ve decided that after this year, because I think all babies deserve their own birthday party for the 1st one, we’re going to have just one family party for all three girls.  We’ll do separate friend parties, but there’s absolutely no way I’m planning 6 different parties in the span of 6 weeks.  Not happening.
  • Besides, between daughters, a niece, a sister, a brother, and Christmas, our December is just too full already.  Have mercy, dear Lord, no more December babies!
  • I usually have a no-Christmas-until-after-Thanksgiving, one-holiday-at-a-time rule.  However, I have broken this rule in spades this year.  I’ve been playing Christmas music for a couple of weeks now, making Christmas lists, checking them twice, and I even made Grammie’s chex mix today.1321224239280
  • Grammie amade this every single year at Christmas.  I remember walking into her kitchen and sneaking bits out of the boiler sitting on her counter.  Never mind that it was piping hot, it was too delicious to leave well enough alone.  For me, Christmas will always equal Grammie.  (See?  Tears.  E.M.O.T.I.O.N.A.L.)
  • I started making the chex mix about five years ago.  There’s something very comforting about the smell of it baking, it takes me back.  But the best part?  The part that makes me the happiest?  Devyn and Hudson are starting to associate the chex mix with Christmas and tradition.  And passing that on to them, is priceless!
  • I had every intention of posting my thoughts on Chapter 5 of the Sacred Marriage study.  Obviously that worked out well for me, huh?!  Ha!  While I’m not consistently posting on the study, I am loving the conversations we’re having on Facebook about the study.  I’m thankful that we have women from all walks of life, newlyweds, mothers of babies, mothers of older children, older, wiser, younger, fresh perspectives.  Its been a blessing!
  • We had our dear, sweet friends out for a visit from Washington.  It seems that Amy and I have passed the blogging torch on to our younger sisters, since they already have their visit recaps and photos up on their blogs.  I will say that we’ve decided to drop the first word in our “blogging friend” description.  They are friends, plain and simple.  It was a good visit, and perfect timing.
  • And if I haven’t mentioned it before, I must remedy that now.  Hudson, it appears, is partial to blondes.  For whatever reason, he is a sucker for them.  So when Amy and Kelsey showed up, who are as Scandinavian as they get, I knew instantly that Hudson was going to be smitten.  Sure enough, I knew the exact moment that he noticed Kelsey.  And her blonde hair.  He was suddenly shy and flustered, and couldn’t put a sentence together.  Oy.  I’m in trouble.

And now on to some business-type matters…

  • Tomorrow (Monday) is the last day to enter the Ornament Exchange.  We’ve had 130+ participants sign up, which is so fun and unexpected.  If you’d like to join us, click on the ornament button to the left.  Although I highly suggest a more unique name than B*tt M*nch.  (I wish I were kidding. Ha!)
  • I’m offering 10% off all custom blog designs through 11/15 and am offering premade Christmas templates at a fraction of my normal prices.  And if you have a Blogger on your Christmas list, then a gift certificate might be the perfect gift. (wink, wink)  Click on over and take a look around if you’re interested.

Hope y’all have a wonderful week!  I’ll be crying into my pillow over the fact that my baby turns seven on Saturday.

I’m a coffee drinking, book reading, laundry procrastinating, husband and children loving, mess of a woman who believes that chips and salsa can fix anything. We have chickens running around the backyard, a mountain of dishes in the sink, and on any given morning, I have at least 10 school forms that need my signature or initials. It’s a crazy life {I prefer to call it controlled chaos}, but its ours.


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Whew! So much information in that post. :)
I hear you on life being CRAZY until New Years. I hope we survive.
I already said this on fb, but I love the fact that you are carrying on the tradition of making Grammie's chex mix. I always miss her this time of year too.
So glad Ashlynn is healing. Praise God!

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I hear much in your blog "voice" and "mish-mash" I am praying for all the stuff of life.
And enjoy your Grammie's chex mix--our family loves our Oma's Chex Mix tradition too!

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There must be something about Christmas because Grammie has been on my mind a lot lately too. This post made me want to drive over to your house just so I can smell it.

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I'm usually a stickler for enjoying one holiday at a time, but I'm feeling like I'm behind this year for some reason. I haven't done one bit of shopping. We're in birthday mode this week too. Emma turns 10. For the past few years we've had family parties, but agreed to a class party this year. I much prefer the family party! So easy!

Have a great week!

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Aw, my baby turns seven on Sunday!