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My mind is too muddled and exhausted this early in the morning.  I’m hooked up to a coffee IV as I type this and I pray it’ll help my mind start functioning again.  However, until I can form coherent sentences, enjoy my random list of… stuff.

  • Ashlynn is now walking.  Like full-on, walking-across-the-room walking.
  • Did I mention that she’s just 9 months old? And she’s my baby, the last?  Apparently all the times I pushed her back down hasn’t deterred her from walking.
  • I wonder how she hasn’t gotten the memo that she’s not allowed to grow up so fast.
  • Hudson is loving, LOVING, his preschool.  At first he seemed kind of intimidated by the other boys.  But I’m happy to report that by Thursday, he’s was playing “Bad Guys” with the other boys during recess.
  • And chasing girls.  He spent the whole weekend talking about the girl in the blue skirt.  Um, excuse me, I thought I was the only woman in his life.
  • Reagan and Devyn seem to be having a harder adjustment to all the recent changes in our life.
  • Reagan doesn’t quite understand why she can’t go to school, and constantly reminds me that she’s a big girl too.
  • Devyn comes home from school exhausted and emotional.  Very emotional.
  • So emotional that when I asked her why she was crying last week, she responded, “I don’t know! I just feel like crying!”
  • Oy.  And hormones haven’t even come into play yet.  Send wine for the teen years.  Lots of wine.
  • Reagan continues to be our resident nudist.  No amount of duct tape will keep her from stripping down and sleeping, playing, or watching TV while naked.
  • Which normally, I’m not a mom that cares.  Be naked.  But child, its time to be potty-trained then.  And she just hasn’t shown any desire to learn that skill yet.
  • Speaking of emotional, Mama’s a bit of a wreck right now.
  • I have a whole post dedicated to my feelings regarding the upcoming nuptials of my third sister.  But I need some approval before I can post it.
  • Lets just say this is hard.  Especially since I’ve apparently been in denial and ignoring my feelings these past nine months.
  • In turn, I know I’ve been less than ideal to live with right now.  Bless you, Jon and Littles, for putting up with the crazy lady.
  • Wedding festivities, last minute checklists, and out-of-town company are a whirlwind right now.  I seriously have lists for my lists.
  • Which also means that I should probably wrap this post up and head out in search of shoes for the entire family.
  • That won’t be an easy task.
  • Pray for me.
  • And I leave you with a picture of our walking Munchkin.  Its so unnatural to see something so small walking around.
  • g2pw

I’m a coffee drinking, book reading, laundry procrastinating, husband and children loving, mess of a woman who believes that chips and salsa can fix anything. We have chickens running around the backyard, a mountain of dishes in the sink, and on any given morning, I have at least 10 school forms that need my signature or initials. It’s a crazy life {I prefer to call it controlled chaos}, but its ours.


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She is so stinkin' cute though!!!!
You guys have a LOT going on right now... I'll send the wine ;)

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oh my goodness, what big changes! Our Little wants to go to school so badly too and doesn't understand that BabyBoy didn't start going to preschool until this year. And oh my goodness, Ashlynn walking! Hugs, mama! I'll toast my cup of coffee to you and all our sweet littles tomorrow morning :-)

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oh and I missed your last blog design giveaway!! I was so excited about it, did I see you're going to do another one a month from that one??

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Loved this post. I can't believe Ashlynn is walking! I need to find shoes for Ellie for the wedding too. Will you let me know how your shoe shopping goes? Love you.