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Prepare yourself for one of the most random posts in a while…

I recently deactivated my Facebook account.  I had a few ask if I had to go to that extreme, and the answer is yes.  I just didn’t want to receive any emails that so-and-so had written on my wall, therefore, I had to hop on and see what was said.  It started out as an experiment, and truth be told, I haven’t missed it.  I may write a longer post about why I’m staying off, but for now, everyone can still catch me here at the blog and actually, yes, I’m still on Twitter.

I mentioned here that we were doing a maternity photo shoot that week, but alas, we had to reschedule as the rain refused to let up.  And like Becky said, I’m sure a few shots would have been on wet, muddy ground.  So the big photo shoot is this afternoon and I.can’t.wait!  I’ve even been talked into doing a few bare belly shots, which I may or may not share on here.  We’ll see…

Have I mentioned how much I adore my friends and my blog readers?!  Seriously, within the past week I have had friends texting me where they found canned pumpkin in our city and you can bet I added some pumpkin to our pantry!  A blog reader also wrote me and mentioned the horde of canned pumpkin her husband had and would I be interested in some?  Um, yes, please!!  So Katherine was kind enough to pack up some canned pumpkin and send it to me.  Seriously, sweetest thing ever!  Devyn and I made some pumpkin bread over the weekend and I posted the recipe to our What’s For Dinner site.  Reagan ate three muffins within 20 minutes.

Within the past two weeks, braxton-hicks contractions have woken me up with their pain and intensity.  As Dr. Susie said, everything come earlier and harder with each pregnancy.  And she wasn’t kidding!  Owie!  One night I decided to take a bath at 3:00am, because they just weren’t stopping, and for whatever reason, Devyn decided to wake up and keep me company during the bath.  While I had woken Jon to let him know what was going on, it was Devyn that talked to me and made sure I was ok during the bath.  Jon may have been replaced as the birthing coach.

DevynsBed1We finished Devyn’s headboard and are quite please with how it turned out.  Devyn is fairly skipping to her room now and loves to show it off to anyone who is willing to come in our house.  This was quite simple using wood, quilting batting, some material, and flower appliqu├ęs from Joann’s Fabric.

Munchkin Land Designs has kept me quite busy and I’ve added quite a few new designs over the past few months.  Please feel free to stop by and check them out.  I just added five new designs last night...

Devyn and Hudson have one more session of swimming lessons this fall and it has been so much fun to watch their confidence grow in the water.  Devyn is already learning some swim strokes, but we’re still working on a back float.  Hudson, however, just exudes confidence in whatever his teacher asks him to do, in spite of the fact that he is the tiniest person in the class.  Don’t tell him that though, he truly has no concept of size at this point.

Once swimming classes are done, Hudson has a three-week sports camp coming up and Devyn is participating in an eight week dance class that will end with a recital.  Yes, in looking at my calendar, I have packed it full of activities and I realize that it might not have been the smartest move to make during my 3rd trimester.  However, on the other hand, once Ashlynn arrives, there are no activities planned or even on the horizon.  I intend for our family to become like hermits and nest away at home with our new baby during the winter months.

I kid about becoming hermits… kind of…

I’m a coffee drinking, book reading, laundry procrastinating, husband and children loving, mess of a woman who believes that chips and salsa can fix anything. We have chickens running around the backyard, a mountain of dishes in the sink, and on any given morning, I have at least 10 school forms that need my signature or initials. It’s a crazy life {I prefer to call it controlled chaos}, but its ours.


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LOVE the headboard and all of the Devyn and Hudson stories. I also can't wait to see how the family/ maternity photo shoot turns out. Maybe Devyn should get to be a part of little Ashlynn's birth... ;-)JK