Munchkins #3 and #4

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone on the Munchkins, the very reasons this blog exists in the first place.

Munchkin #4 – Its still hard to believe that we’re adding another to this already crazy brood, but really, I’m so happy about it. Devyn and Hudson are often off playing together, leaving Reagan to be entertained by yours truly. I love that Reagan is going to get a playmate of her very own. We definitely have our girl’s name picked out (much to the chagrin of a sister who is not a fan of the name) and have some strong contenders on the boy list.

As you know, we saw the heartbeat last Thursday (whoo hoo!) but I didn’t tell you about the phone call after that ultrasound from the doctor. They actually found a sub-chronic hemorrhage behind the baby, essentially it’s a pocket of blood between the uterus and the placenta. It can be risk factor for a miscarriage, but both my doctor and another OB highly doubt it. Surprisingly, I’m not worried or anxious about this in the least. One, the doctors are pretty cavalier about it, Dr. Susie said that with the advances in medical technology they’re getting better about noticing them but that they’re becoming increasingly common. And two, I had this same thing when I was pregnant with Devyn, and that turned out fine. You’d think after being prone to anxiousness, this would send me over the edge, but I have such a peace about it.

I also had my first regular, OB appointment on Monday and received the most wonderful surprise when Dr. Susie found Munchkin’s heartbeat. I had absolutely no expectation of hearing the heartbeat at this appointment, especially since Dr. Tim couldn’t find it just five days earlier. But she took her time and just as she was getting ready to give up, she found it. Oh, I never cease to be amazed at the miracle of life!

Munchkin #3, Reagan Rea – Oh my! This little girl is a pistol! No one seems to believe us since she’s as calm as can be around strangers, but you put her in an environment where she’s comfortable and the girl lets loose. She is by far the loudest of my children, not satisfied with sharing her expectations with us, but screaming them. (Jon tells me to just wait, that if I think Reagan’s loud, just wait until the fourth arrives.) She will seriously scream whether she’s happy, upset, or just wants to be heard.

She is now at a point where she merely tolerates both siblings. She knows what she wants and if anyone dares to stand in her way, she will make her displeasure known! There are times she wants to be included in their games, for example, she and Hudson will hit a golf ball or hockey puck back and forth in the kitchen. (I really need to get a picture of that someday.) And sometimes she prefers to play with her dolls by herself. No one can ever say this girl is not independent.

My favorite thing about Reagan is her reaction to being disciplined, and wow, we are already working on the no hitting thing. But the moment you discipline her, she refuses to make eye contact with anyone, preferring instead to stare at the floor between her feet or some imaginary point on the wall. Her brow is furrowed in concentration, her lips in a pout, as she decides whether or not she’s going to react to said discipline. At which point, she usually has no reaction whatsoever. Except to maybe turn her face just a little and smile her infectious smile, complete with wrinkled nose, so the discipliner completely forgets why she was just disciplined in the first place. She is an absolute ball!

Ok, enough for now, gotta head off to my last Wednesday afternoon of working; I’ll cover Munchkins #2 and #1 tomorrow.

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