Christmas Stockings

Friday, November 27, 2009 2 Comments A+ a-

Wow. I shocked even myself with this one. Even with all of the extra details, I finished Hudson’s stocking in only three weeks! I love it! Hudson loves it! And I think it turned out great!

Every morning Hudson runs up to the stocking and points out all the different sports to me. “Soccer, Mama, soccer!” he screams. “Football, Mama, football!” It’s too cute for words and definitely assures me that I picked out the right stocking for him.

I so enjoyed working on this in the evenings and down times during my day that I trekked to our local Hobby Lobby store and picked up a kit to make Reagan’s stocking.

I fear that this kit may have even more detailing that Hudson’s, but I don’t care. They are SO much fun to do! And even my husband has said he wants one too. Thank goodness they have a Fishing Santa Claus kit. But ours will have to wait until next year.

Or at least until the stockings go on sale after Christmas.

I’m a coffee drinking, book reading, laundry procrastinating, husband and children loving, mess of a woman who believes that chips and salsa can fix anything. We have chickens running around the backyard, a mountain of dishes in the sink, and on any given morning, I have at least 10 school forms that need my signature or initials. It’s a crazy life {I prefer to call it controlled chaos}, but its ours.


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Okay, you have officially inspired me! After Christmas I will be purchasing these to make for us! Only I plan on getting started on mine RIGHT away, because Lord KNOWS I will not finish it as fast as you did! What's the brand name of these? They are seriously adorable! And Timmy would want the sports one also!

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Awesome job Jenn! I'm definitely impressed.
We'll see if I'll be able to make one if/when we have another one. :)