30 Years - Year 27

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This from Alli, the third sister. I love that she shared about Hudson's birth because the two of them have an incredibly close bond. Just as Devyn "belongs" to Courtney, so Hudson "belongs" to Alli.

My memory of you is the day of Hudson's birth.

We sisters had gotten permission from both you and Jon to witness it. I was so excited; I had never witnessed a childbirth before. And getting to witness one of my sisters babies coming into the world was exciting and scary at the same time.

All throughout the labor, it was pretty easy to watch. I was a little inpatient to meet my nephew and was hoping the time when could come soon.

Then it came time to push. While you were pushing, I was filled with so many emotions that I couldn't help but cry. Then there he was.

It was such a privilege to witness my oldest sister becoming a mother again, and to witness this little man that would be a part of the family. I got to witness one of God's creations being born.

Jenn, you have been such a wonderful mother to Devyn, Hudson, and Reagan. They are very blessed to have you and Jon as their parents. Thank you for always being a support system, and a shoulder to cry on for me. You are a great big sister to me and a best friend.

I love you, Alli

Thank you, Alli. It was an honor to have you guys there for such a momentous occasion. I love you!!

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