30 Years - Year 7

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Going back to Debbie, mom of friend, Missy. She had one more to share.

Long-Distance Sleepovers - As you and Malisa got older, Doug and I would meet your parents at the McDonald's at the Longmont exit on I-25 and either they would take Malisa up to Ft. Collins for a few days or we would bring you down to Aurora for a few days for sleepovers. You girls would have so much fun. Then after a few days, all of us would meet again at the McDonald's and plan for the next time. I don't remember how many years we did this but it will always be a fond memory. I do know that as other siblings came along, they wanted to be included but it was your time (just you and Malisa).

And it seems only fitting to include Missy’s memories alongside her mom’s. Oh, the fun we had!!

I have such vivid and fond memories of our many, many sleepovers. Remember how your mom and my mom would meet halfway at the McDonalds in Longmont for drop off and pick up duty? I remember making the rest of the trek to your house in your parent’s minivan with the wooden side panels. We’d have the best time hanging out.

And, remember how we used to play make believe like we were in college and had college boyfriends?! We would stay up so late just talking and giggling until your mom or dad would tell us it’s time to settle down and go to sleep.

And, oh, all the birthday party sleepovers…those were the best!

And, when we weren’t over at each other’s house, we would send each other letters to keep up-to-date with each other’s lives and the letters always ended with "BFF" and our names. Such precious memories!

Oh, and remember how many Fourth of Julys our families spent together!?

So very glad to have known you and been close friends ever since we were diaper-clad babes. It’s crazy to me to look at both of our lives and see our children and realize that some friendships start this young and stay strong almost 30 years later! Love you friend!

Love you, Missy

Thank you Missy and Debbie! Your family has played a major role in my growing-up years and I'm so thankful to have your family in my life!


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