30 Years - Year 22

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I was pleasantly surprised to find this memory sitting in my inbox and was instantly taken back seven years ago and all preparations of our wedding.

This is from Kara, a woman who has become very dear to my heart! She married Jon's cousin, Ben, approximately six weeks after we did. We were (and still are, for now) the only two female cousins (by proxy) in a family of all male grandsons.


I'll never forget that morning we met at Einstein Brothers Bagels shortly before you got married..it was the last time we would meet before you became a Mrs. and I remember listening to you giddily chat about last-minute wedding details all while sipping coffee and eating bagels together..it was a surreal meeting because in two short months I, too was getting married--to the cousin of the man you were marrying!!

It was a fun time in life and we were on a similar journey..there were cut-out's from magazines, scribbled vendor's phone numbers on scraps of random paper, and an abundance of coffee dates to compare and contrast our latest findings with each other..and now here we are..seven years later..still madly in love with those [shared last name] boys..and four beautiful kids between the two of us to show for..life is good :)

Hope it's the best birthday ever!! Happy 30th!!

Love, Kara

Kara, thank you! What a great trip down memory lane! I'm also reminded of your bridal shower that I attended about a week after I returned from our honeymoon. Two brides, one with stars in her eyes from wedded bliss, and the other with stars in her eyes from anticipation. It has been such a joy to travel this journey with you!


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