30 Years - Year 1

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Obviously I have no memories of my first year of life, so my mom is filling in the blanks for me. She made me cry...

Thank you for asking me to do your first entry for when you were born and your first year as you mark down THIRTY years!!!! How can it be that long already??!!

When Daddy and I found out we were expecting you, it came as quite a shock since we were still newlyweds and only married for six months at the time. But after the shock, we knew that you coming was part of God's plan for our lives. So we planned and prepared for your birth. You chose to come TEN days late!!! =(

As you know, the labor was long and hard and at the end, we almost lost you. Your heartrate went down, and I had to be rushed into surgery for an emergency c-section. Daddy and Grandma Rose and Grandma Nancy went down to the chapel in the hospital to pray for you and me. (Back in those days, the father didn't get to be in there for emergency c-sections). When they came back from the chapel, a nurse was walking down the hall carrying you and Daddy asked if you were our baby. There you were, with dark hair, blowing LOTS of bubbles, eyes wide open, and happy as can be in the nurse's arms!! =)

I didn't get to see you until the next morning since I was put under for the surgery. But when I DID finally get to see you and hold you, I LOVED your dark hair like Daddy and your almond shaped eyes like me!! =)

I LOVED being home with you--rocking you, nursing you, and just watching you change and grow. Such a special time that went SOOO fast!! You were an easy baby, and slept through the night by five months. It was fun watching all your milestones, especially as a first child for us. It was all so new as parents and we marveled at how God made you!!

One of my most special memories of you in your first year was when you were 11 months old. Daddy was gone for his marine duty and you were standing when he left. You and I worked hard while he was gone practicing walking around the living room coffee table with you holding onto the table. When Daddy got back from his duty weeks later, I told him that you had a surprise for him. There you were, as proud as can be, holding onto the table, and walking around it all by yourself!!! =) Daddy was SOOO excited to see that!!! =)

Jenn, as you go through these memories this next month from family and friends, remember this, honey: You are TRULY a gift from God. As a baby, as a child, as a grown woman. Don't ever forget that, Jenn. He has blessed you with gifts and talents, strengths and weaknesses; all things that make you who you are. You are an incredible woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend. We are SOOO blessed that you have been a part of our lives for almost 30 years. Daddy and I love you very much, our first born.

Love, Mom

Thank YOU, Mom! I wouldn't be who I am today without you and Dad. I am so thankful that you were chosen to be my parents!!


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Aww, that made me all teary...

Love you all!

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so sweet! I've got my memories and picture for year seven or eight, so let me know when you need them.

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So yeah, I'm crying. That was beautifully written. Love you sis.