Mother's Day 2009

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[Update: Christine was released from the hospital early afternoon after all the bloodwork came back normal. Whoo hoo! The surgeon believes that Chris hadn't kept on top of her pain by not taking pain medication during the night. So far, things seem much better and we're praying that the healing continues!]

On this Mother's Day, her first Mother's Day, my sister is supposed to be home cuddling with her baby girl and relishing that she finally gets to partake in this special day. Instead, Christine and Caleb are at the Emergency Room waiting to be seen.

On Thursday Christine had gall-bladder surgery after having several, painful episodes with gallstones. It was supposed to be routine, out-patient surgery, back home and recuperating. However, on this Sunday morning Christine woke up in excruciating pain. (And remember, this is the woman who went from 0cm to 10cm without any pain medication!) The pain so bad that she couldn't talk on the phone without crying.

The surgeon believes a) infection set in, b) a clip fell off, or c) a gallstone fell into the bile duct. For now, Christine and Caleb are waiting to see what awaits them this day. Her first Mother's Day, apart from her baby girl. The one that made her a mother in the first place. Please pray for her!

I would be remiss if I didn't bring your attention to this post or this post. Beautifully written pieces about motherhood. They'll make you tear up, warm your heart, and thankful for this wonderful vocation called motherhood. Happy Mother's Day!

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Oh, my goodness I'll be praying for Christine! Let her know, though, that Mother's Day is just a name of one day that actually represents all of the "mothering" days we are blessed to have!!

Thanks for the link too, you're so sweet!