With Thanks - Day 11

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 2 Comments A+ a-

Day #11: I’m thankful for checklists, if for nothing else, then for the mere fact that it feels oh-so-good to actually check things off my checklist. See below:
  • Call insurance company and clarify claims issue… check.
  • Order Devyn’s birthday cake for Sunday’s party… check.
    (Side note: My beautiful, sweet little girl asked for a butterfly cake with ladybugs and spiders. I happily delivered… minus the spiders.)
  • Pay two bills… check.
  • Catch-up on laundry, including folding and putting away… check.

It’s been a productive morning! Check.

I’m a coffee drinking, book reading, laundry procrastinating, husband and children loving, mess of a woman who believes that chips and salsa can fix anything. We have chickens running around the backyard, a mountain of dishes in the sink, and on any given morning, I have at least 10 school forms that need my signature or initials. It’s a crazy life {I prefer to call it controlled chaos}, but its ours.


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Kaydence picked out a Little Mermaid cake for Sunday! Imagaine that. AND I did ten dreadful loads of laundry yesterday and STILL have some to do... it was a nice day off doing laundry but at least I was getting paid to do it since it was a paid holiday!

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You totally make me laugh Jenn, I love it!! I'm laughing because I too feel all productive because I checked a TON off of my "teacher checklist" today, and believe me it's a mile long so I really needed to start!! Good to know both us haven't changed a ton in the sense that we LOVE our check lists!!:)