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Devyn has discovered a new word in her vocabulary and its one that makes me smile. We were at Walmart the other day and had wandered down a particular aisle. As I was perusing the frames on one side of the aisle, Devyn was checking out the clocks on the other. One clock in particular caught her eye.
”Mommy? I need this.”

I looked over to where she was standing and she was pointing to a Cinderella clock; it was very elaborate and even included Cinderella’s castle.

Again she said, “Mommy, Mommy, I NEED this!” Really child? You NEED a clock; one that you can’t even read? Not to mention that you don’t even understand the concept of time yet.

She clasped her hands together and held them to her chest (I kid you not, the child is headed for acting of some kind), “Please, Mommy, please?! I really need this.”

Suffice it to say that we did not leave with the Cinderella clock, much to Devyn’s dismay. But I have a new appreciation for the word “need” and I find myself trying to set an example between our needs and wants. A great reminder how I use the word myself, huh?


We took Hudson swimming for the first time over the weekend. He so enjoys his time in the tub with Devyn and it’s a struggle to pull him out every time. I really thought he’d take to swimming with no problems. And he did… at first.

I wasn’t getting in but Jon was going to take turns with the kids. I did however, sit on the side, near the steps, and held on to Hudson for dear life. He was ecstatic about being in the water; constantly splashing me and testing his limits. (No surprise there!)

When Jon first took Hudson out into the deeper parts of the pool, again he was having the time of his life! He was splashing and kicking in the water, laughing hysterically with Jon. Jon was even able to put Hudson on his back and he was fine with it.

However, the problems started when Jon returned him to me. Jon left him on the steps with me and returned to the deeper section. It was when Jon decided to head underwater that Hudson freaked out! I’m not talking a few tears here; I’m saying that they were full-fledged “I’m-terrified-and-do-not-like-my-daddy-underwater” cries. He was even a bit wild-eyed, certain that Jon wasn’t going to return to the surface.

Hudson became so scared that he clutched at me and would not dare go back in the pool. I think it might be time for swimming lessons, don’t you agree?


Jon is currently sick; he’s been battling a head cold for almost a week now. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the stresses of the past couple of weeks, so I’m not really surprised. But it’s hard work being Mom and Nursemaid at the same time. And dear, sweet Devyn has taken to informing me that she’s, “… sick, Mommy, I’m sick.” She’ll even add a cough here and there for special effects. (Did I not already mention her acting skills?)

When my mom picked Devyn up this morning for their weekly bible study, Devyn was quick to inform “Nana” just how sick she was. But when I asked her if she needed to stay home from church and preschool today, she responded with a quick “No”. So Hudson and I kissed her good-bye and sent them on their way.

Imagine my surprise when there was a knock on my door about five minutes later. I looked out the window to see Devyn standing there and my mom at the end of the walkway. I opened the door and Devyn informed me, “I need medicine, Mommy.” I looked at my mom, who shrugged and said, “She won’t leave without getting some medicine first.”

I can’t remember a time that I bit my tongue so hard to keep from laughing. I looked at my daughter, who was so intent on receiving medicine for an illness she didn’t have, and asked if a vitamin would suffice. She nodded her head and I ran to the kitchen for a Flintstones Toddler vitamin. Apparently it was enough to appease her and she finally got into the car with my mom.


All in all, life is going pretty swimmingly around here. Even in spite of all the stresses of last week, what with the funeral, dealing with grief, getting time off, and celebrating Jon’s birthday, I am doing really well. I have not had any feelings of anxiety or being overwhelmed or of depression; I really think this is the best I’ve felt in over a year. Praise God! It’s amazing how everything just clicks together when the hormones are balanced out.

We have a packed weekend ahead.

Hudson is in dire need of a haircut… badly! I’ve lost count of how many times he’s been mistaken for a girl, even in spite of his boyish, blue clothes. And yesterday he looked as though he was sporting a mullet. I swear it was the way he slept on it but mullets just aren’t even an option in this house, so off to the barber’s we go. I’m sure I’ll be misty-eyed but even I have to admit that it’s time.

I’m also spending Saturday with a dear friend, her little girl, my kiddos, two strollers, and the outdoor shopping mall here. I haven’t seen her in forever and I know it’ll be wonderful to catch up with her.

Then Sunday will find Devyn and I, along with my sisters and Mom, and about three or four hundred other brides at a local bridal show. With the luck my sister has, I’m sure she’s bound to win a prize or two. We’ll see…

I am so counting down the days to our fun weekend!

I’m a coffee drinking, book reading, laundry procrastinating, husband and children loving, mess of a woman who believes that chips and salsa can fix anything. We have chickens running around the backyard, a mountain of dishes in the sink, and on any given morning, I have at least 10 school forms that need my signature or initials. It’s a crazy life {I prefer to call it controlled chaos}, but its ours.


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Devyn is definitely a girl. Brooklyn does that "I need" this or that all the time! She tells us all the time she needs to go to Toys R Us in her car.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Great to hear from you, you've been on my mind. :)

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hey love :) glad to hear things are going good... miss you guys and the kids sound like they are hysterical