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We have some more "Congratulations" posts to share with our family and friends. First of all, congratulations go to Josh and Shamree on the news of their pregnancy. Josh and Shamree are my sister’s in-laws and they’re due with their first child in November. I know that Christine and Caleb are so excited to become an aunt and uncle again.

Second of all, we want to share our congratulations with our good friends, Jeremy and Cassie, on the news of their pregnancy. Cassie and Jeremy are the proud parents of Addison, Devyn’s best friend, and they will be adding a second child to their family in late December.

We are so thrilled for both couples and can’t wait to see the new additions to these families. I think this news calls for another baby roll-call; there really seems to be a wave of girls, huh?!

Baby Roll-Call
May – Laura and Andy – Expecting a boy.
May – Andrew and Cari – Expecting a surprise.
June – Michelle and Josh – Expecting a girl.
June – John and Lorena – Expecting a girl.
July – Colette and Jeff – Expecting a boy.
August –
Sarah and Travis – Expecting a girl.
September – Ben and
Kara – Expecting a girl.
November – Josh and Shamree – Expecting a surprise.
December – Cassie and Jeremy – Expecting a surprise.

And on a non-baby-related note, I want to extend congratulations to my friend, Kamma, on the news of her engagement to Michael. I am so happy for you and so thrilled that you have found such a wonderful man to spend your life together. It has been so fun to watch our lives unfold from the time we were in 2nd grade, isn’t it?! Congrats Kamma Lynn!

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Shad & Julie? Do you know what they're having? I don't.

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you must have SOOO many friends?! i couldn't believe that list! congratulations to them all!

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Friends AND family... Tis the season for babies. =)

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My wife had a little girl 2 weeks ago!