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Every so often a story will touch our hearts and we’re blessed by knowing it. My friend, Sarah, brought to my attention the story of Courtney and her family. I’ve been following this story for about a month and I’ve watched the Davis family handle incredible blows concerning their 20-month-old daughter with grace and faith in God. Unfortunately, Courtney died a week and a half ago and I’m still in awe at the faith Cyndi and her husband showed throughout this time. [Disclaimer: Have a box of tissues handy.]

"She was no longer a candidate for radiation treatment. As Bryce and I began to let the shock of this information sink in, we considered our options for her care. There really wasn’t any hope for her survival at this point, but to accept that fact felt like we were giving up on her; like we were throwing in the towel.

We asked everyone else to leave the room as we rocked her, cried, and prayed for guidance in this most terrible hour. Bryce began to tell a story of his grandma (G-ma), who had for many years suffered the debilitating effects of breast cancer, hip replacement, profound blindness, shoulder displacement, and eventually, colon cancer. She fought bravely to the very end, much like Courtney but when her death became imminent, she asked her pastor if it was okay to want to die. She wanted to know if it was okay to want to be with Jesus in heaven, and he said, "Yes. It is okay to want that."

At this point, Bryce turned to Courtney who was sleeping peacefully in my arms and asked, "Courtney, do you want to be with Jesus in heaven? Do you want us to continue fighting for you, or are you ready to be with Jesus?" Immediately she opened her eyes and feebly cried, "All done." I have no idea if she knew what we were saying to her, but that was just the confirmation we needed that it was time to let her go. I was much more at peace with the decision to release her, knowing that she was ready to be "all done" with her suffering and pain.

So we dressed her up in a beautiful, pink "homecoming dress" for her to wear on her final day here on earth (Thank you, Adina). The remainder of that day was spent holding her, rocking her, shedding many tears, and sharing final visits with family members. Dr. Hanson stayed with us the entire day, from early morning to late at night after Courtney passed away. She spent a lot of time in the room with us checking up on Courtney’s vitals, sharing stories with us, crying with us, and just being there for us.

Finally, around 7:05 PM, Courtney’s heart stopped beating and her battle was truly "all done." The pain and suffering is now ours to bear, and no longer hers. And as much as it hurts to let her go, there is comfort in knowing she is in a place of exquisite joy and peace."

As I read this story, I’m reminded of another mother who watched her child die a long time ago; she watched as solders defiled her baby boy and placed him on a cross. She watched as God’s prophecy came true on that fateful day so many years ago! It’s because of her son, Jesus, that Bryce and Cyndi Davis have hope that they’ll see their daughter again and are comforted in the thought that Courtney is in a better place.

Today is Good Friday, the day our savior died and on Sunday, we get to celebrate his resurrection from the dead! What a glorious weekend we have to celebrate and rejoice in! As another friend said, "I trust each of us will worship our Lord in spirit and in truth. May our worship be a fragrant offering to Him." Have a blessed Easter!

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To be honest I check your blog to see how my granddaughter is changing....but I am always touched by the coompassion in your words. Thanks! For being part of my family.