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I just want some sleep...
I know that I was told “things will never be the same” during my pregnancy and I was prepared for sleepless nights, truly, I was! But who knew that my days of sleeping in were over for good?! I loved (past tense) not getting up until 10:00 in the morning but I now know, those days are gone for good.

It is 6:00am on a Saturday morning and I can hear Devyn crying from her nursery. I can hear her in my sleep! I’m getting to the point where a baby is crying in my dreams before Devyn even starts to cry. (What?!? Now I can’t even rest in my dreams?!?) But if I can grab her before her cries become full-fledged wails, maybe, just maybe, I can sneak in a few more minutes of sleep. I run to the nursery, hold her to my chest, dash back to bed, and am beneath the covers in two minutes flat. (Beat that, Terrell Owens! Maybe the Eagles could use me in their lineup!) While half-awake, I do my best to sooth Devyn to the point to where we can both get some shut-eye. It’s a no-go; she’s awake and she raring to go. (I could try to ignore her but somehow the kicks and constant chattering keep me from my goal of blissful sleep.) I drag us both out of bed, trying not to wake Jon, and head for the kitchen where she gets her milk and breakfast. I’m looking at her out of sleep-deprived eyes and wondering, why did I get myself into this?! But then she flashes me a toothy grin and I decide to forgive her. We head to the living room for playtime and I lie on the couch and give Devyn half-hearted attempts at some kind of interaction. But it’s before 7:00am and I’m just no good this early in the morning. Eventually, my system wakes up and before you know it, I’m on the floor playing with Devyn and her blocks when I notice Devyn rubbing her eyes. What?!? Where was this tired child an hour and a half ago?! I lay her down for her morning nap but of course, I’m up for the day and sleep is out of the question. I glare at our bedroom door and relish that tomorrow is daddy’s turn…

It is 6:00am on Sunday morning and I can tell Devyn is about to start crying; Jon gets a sharp elbow to the ribs. “Wauh, mprof frouew” comes from underneath the pillows and blankets; I can only guess this means “What do you want?” Sure enough, Devyn starts crying and Jon gets another sharp elbow to the ribs. He rolls over and pulls me close (yeah, as if that’s going to get him out of this) mumbling, “Ignore her; she’ll go back to sleep.” A long and exhausting 20 minutes later, Devyn is still going strong. I yank the blanket and Jon falls off the bed and to the ground. He finally gets the point and grabs our daughter. He, too, brings her to bed but he’s able to sleep through her kicking and chattering. Bad words are rolling around in my head as I watch my sleeping husband return to dreamland and I watch my chance at sleeping-in vanish into thin air.

It’s 7:00am and once again, I’m on the couch trying to rev up enough energy to play with Devyn. I just want some sleep, just a little more sleep…

I’m a coffee drinking, book reading, laundry procrastinating, husband and children loving, mess of a woman who believes that chips and salsa can fix anything. We have chickens running around the backyard, a mountain of dishes in the sink, and on any given morning, I have at least 10 school forms that need my signature or initials. It’s a crazy life {I prefer to call it controlled chaos}, but its ours.


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AMEN!!!! Coffee is my best friend. And even if I don't sleep while Sophia naps, I make myself rest. The trade-off's get better, though. Those toothy grins will soon become "I love you, Mommy", and you just melt & let those moments carry you thru your sleepless nights.